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The latest creation from David Regal and Danny Weiser:




Accomplice is a gimmick that allows you to perform the following:

  • Card to Wrong Pocket: A selected card is signed and returned to the deck. After the deck is cased, the magician's hands are shown empty, and the deck is placed away. Then, the signed selection is removed from a different pocket.
  • Card Through Table: A card is selected, signed, returned, and the deck is cased. The hands are shown empty. After pushing the box against the table, the signed card penetrates the box and the table, and is removed from underneath the table
  • Sensitive Fingers: A self-working four ace location from a shuffled deck. The cards are shuffled, and the performer's pocket is shown completely empty. The cards are boxed and pocketed, and the performer reaches into their pocket, removing each of the four aces. 
  • And more!

And the best part is, you end clean at the end of each trick. The box is examinable, the cards are examinable, the selection is examinable, and the gimmick ends out of play.


The Accomplice is customizable - whether you use Bicycle decks, Tally-hos, or Phoenix cards, and whether you use red or blue decks, you can change The Accomplice to match your cards. It's also made from durable materials, so you can leave it in your pocket all day without fear of damaging the gimmick, and it will be ready to go when you are. The 40 minute instructional video will teach you routines for multiple skill levels - you'll learn self working routines you can do right away as well as intermediate routines that use some sleight of hand. You'll also learn his Relocation Control, a versatile card control you can apply to any card trick.


Here's what magicians are saying about The Accomplice:

"Great tool. Great magic. Great idea."
R. Paul Wilson

"It's not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn't be allowed to happen. It's too good. Too easy. Too clean!'"

Jonathan Levit

"I was fooled badly. This thing is slick! Accomplice is a versatile secret weapon that allows for incredibly clean card magic."
Caleb Wiles

"I had the pleasure of watching David perform this over a zoom session, and it absolutely floored me."
John Guastaferro

"A devious and practical tool for the closeup worker!"
Luke Dancy

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