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This amazing gimmick lets you levitate just about anything including yourself. It packs flat (even fits into your wallet) and is always ready.

Be it in a restaurant, bar or big illusion show, Handz-Up will never fail to deliver what it promises: Mind blowing magic and top professional reliability.

Handz-Up is THE killer gimmick and super easy to perform.

The system has been know for a while already and has been widely used for paranormal presentations or wacky offbeat acts. Unfortunately the entertainment industry was never able to produce this kind of gimmick because technology involved in making a product of this standard was too expensive for this small a market. Hottrix changed that and once more abused Swiss craftsmen to make you look good...

We teamed up with the same precision engineers that made our THUMBS-UP the leading false thumb in the industry to finally hand you a masterpiece of prosthetics.

Handz-Up has veins, hand painted details and is modeled with so much care to lifelike appearance, that it actually looks and feels like a hand from even close up.

If you perform "seance cloth" or self levitation effects you will know, what it means when we say: This baby actually "clips" onto just about anything! The sensational "self grip properties" will let you attach Handz-Up to a book, jacket, pizza box, microphone stand or whatever you can get your Handz-Up on...

Once you're done levitating, Handz-Up comes off like your real hand. Why? It behaves like a hand and it fits on to your hand so you can set it up and dump it whenever you want.

The anti ageing rubber will make you use Handz-Up for years to come and in case you always want to be ready for an absolute stunner you can squeeze it flat or crumble it to the size of a ping pong ball and have it regain its perfect size within a second.

Use it for grand illusions or close-up effects. Use it day in, day out. You have to hand it to us: Hottrix created another hands-on prop that will make you get a grip on your magic...

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