Art of Astonishment #1 Book

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Art of Astonishment #1 Book
by Paul Harris

The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection. This three-volume set of books contains all of Paul`s classics, updated and refined, as well as 73 brand-new creations! All in all, these books contain over 900 pages of Paul Harris including a ground-breaking essay discussing the feeling of astonishment as our natural state of mind. There are also six conversations with Eric Mead about effects that are too weird even for Paul.

Each of these three Hardbound Volumes each containing over 300 pages. A total of 222 effects 73 brand new creations sooner or later you`re going to have to buy these books.

Book One:
"What Does ""Additional Writing by Eric Mead"" Mean"
P.H on Astonishment
Buck Naked
Unshuffling Rebecca
Light and Heavy Dime
Improv Nightshades
Lip Balm
P.H Vanishing Deck
My Dinner with P.H.
Color Stunner
Flip Flop Plop
Bayberry Bag Swindle
Think of a Card
Deep Thought
Silver and Aces (revised)
Giant Killer Coin
Rip-Off Reverse
Flash Fold
LaLa's LuLu aka The Phantom aka Cue Cards Etc (revised)
Dehydrated Deck
Bizarre Twist
Curley Cue Move
Solid Deception
Ultimate Rip-off
Ultimate Rip-off: Dancing with the Last Piece
Double Monte
Earth Shoes
Grasshopper (revised)
Open Revelation (revised)
Three-Way Display
Machine Gun Aces
Re-Set Options
Torn and Restored Coin
Las Vegas Split
Flash Control
Ace Trap
Hi Ho Silver
Vacuum Cleaner Cards
Care and Feeding of P.H.
Over Exposure
AeroDynamic Dollar
Las Vegas Leaper
Leap of Faith
New Twisted Collectors
Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician
Looy's False Count
Silver Slide
Cardician's Blendo
Invisible Rising Card
Paper Chase
Korem's Card on Tie
Perpetual Motion Coin Myth
Interlaced Vanish
Classic 11 Card Trick
Cheap Juggler
Griffin Under Glass
Silver Mirage
Within Your Reach
Grippo's Wish
Who the Heck is Gregory Wilson?
License to Thrill
Vanish 5000
Molotov Cocktail
Tunnel Vision
House Guest

Hardbound. 310 Pages.

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