Art of Cold Reading

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The Art of Cold Reading
by Robert A. Nelson

You need not be the seventh son of a seventh son, or be born with a 'veil over your eyes' to be a successful clairvoyant or private reader.

The art of cold reading is the learned ability to read another person 'from cradle to grave' without important error. You can soon learn to read people - giving them readings that will astound them - sensational revelations that will long linger in their minds. There is no preparation, no apparatus nor any written questions.

This book reveals many of the inner secrets of the cold reader. It is a comprehensive enlightenment on the subject, meant to supliment, rather than supplant earlier works. Much of the secret information is taken from the inner sanctorums of many leading readers, based on years of successful experience.

The Art of Cold Reading is a complete text, teaching the Art of Cold Reading. It should prove invaluable to the novice as well as the experienced reader.

8 1/2" x 11" - 49 pages
ISBN: 0-921298-18-8

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