Aurora by Scott Thompson

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Scott Thomson, one of the most respected names in the popular underground world of Cardistry, presents nine of his signature flourishes! From the flowing, pristine "Golden Gate" to the tight twists & turns of "Monaco II" to the jaw-dropping "Merengue", this is contemporary flourishing at its best. 

Heavily influenced by the rhythmic pulse of Scott's other 'life' as a respected member of the UK underground music scene, the flourishes featured on AURORA are animated, fluid and visually direct - all keystone's of Scott's renowned style. 

'Follow along' explanations are provided in four angles. Pick the one that works for you: straight-on / over-the-shoulder / over-the-shoulder (slow motion) / over-the-shoulder & straight-on combined. 

Scott Thomson is a well-known name in Cardistry, having spent the last several years producing hit videos for "Profoundmagic", his YouTube channel. His channel has proved to be a vibrant hub for the Cardistry community - it nearly has one million views!!! Scott also created the popular "Essential Cardistry" channel - Youtube's #1 Cardistry hotspot. 

Featured on AURORA:


Golden gate 

Monaco II 




Double Barrel 


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