Hot Rod: Ultimate

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Hot Rod: Ultimate
by Tannen's Magic

A completely sleek classic close-up effect.

A sleek high gloss black rod is shown to the audience which contains six different colored gems on both sides.

A spectator is asked to name a number between 1 and 6. The performer recounts the number given to him by the spectator using the gems as counters. The performer finishes the count and lands on a colored gem that will be the selected color. The performer then closes his hand around the rod. When the performer reopens his hand the rod remains the same, but the gems on it have all changed to the selected color! The performer shows both sides of the rod and all the gems match! The performer then closes his hand and reopens it revealing that he has restored the gems to multiple colors.

Comes complete With Hot Rod and Instructions!

3.5 Inches Long. (Allowing for easier manipulation of the Rod).

Available in Black or Clear.

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