Nest of Wallets: Super Soft Deluxe v2

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Nest of Wallets: Super Soft Deluxe

by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong


One of our favorite tricks just got updated!


This latest model of Nest of Wallets offers the addition of super smooth, super soft, premium leather. There is no need to work-in the wallets to soften them up. They are soft as butter, right out of the box.


Vanish a borrowed item, like a coin or ring, and make it reappear wrapped in cloth - inside a nest of three leather wallets!


Points to note:

  • This is the finest nesting wallet set available
  • Includes extremely detailed DVD instructions
  • Can be done stand-alone or within an existing routine


"Minimum effort, maximum effect - Smart, sophisticated, elegant, powerful magic - brilliant!"

- Wayne Dobson

"The best close-up trick I saw at F.I.S.M 2012 - I cant wait to start doing it!"
- Bill Herz

"A devilishly simple and baffling effect, highly recommended"
- R.P.Wilson

"I saw Nick slay a group of laymen with his nest of wallets at dinner one night. This is real- world, commercial magic you will use!"
- Chad Long

"I am so delighted that you are releasing 'The Deluxe Nest of Wallets'. It really is a table top 'worker'."
- Michael Vincent

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