Big Four Poker






Big Four Poker

by Tom Dobrowolski and Big Blind Media


Tom Dobrowolski’s BIG FOUR POKER is an absolute powerhouse! It provides great audience participation and is completely self-working. It ends with a climax that is as hilarious as it is shocking. It packs small (just one indestructible plastic credit card sized ‘instruction’ sheet and a pack of cards) but it plays huge!


You offer to teach your audience the fantastic new game of Big Four Poker. A spectator removes 16 cards from a shuffled deck. Under the game's rules, the spectator is instructed to shuffle, cut and mix the packet in numerous ways (including mixing face-up with face-down cards). Unlike any other casino game, the spectator is in charge of all the shuffling and mixing.


When the spectator is satisfied with the shuffle, she deals out four poker hands - one for the house and three for the players. She then chooses ANY of the player's hands for herself. After all of these hands-off steps, you finally step in and reveal that Big Four Poker is a game that you, the magician, can't lose!


The ending is something NO ONE will see coming. It’s funny. It’s fun. And it’s the kind of magic trick that makes sure people remember you!


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