Cesaral Card Finale

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Cesaral Card Finale
by Cesar Alonso

Cesaral Card Finale consists of a special deck of poker cards with which you can create many miracles.

Why is this special? Because:

It is a marked deck of cards, printed in high quality. The marks are really well hidden BUT THEN are VERY easy to see later!
Each card can be pealed easily in about 10 seconds by anyone, and can be glued back also very easily

Cesaral Card Finale includes:

Whole deck of RED cards (52 cards + 2 jokers)
Whole deck of BLUE cards (52 cards + 2 jokers)
User/password to Access video instructions and presentation ideas
Bonus pack: Conference notes on how to trick easily a digital watch

What miracles can you get with it?

Basic effect 1:

The magician performs his favorite trick with cards for Linda, one of the audience members. The chosen and signed card by Linda then travels, for example, to the magicians wallet. The magician gets the first applause, but wait - there is something more! The magician peals the card apart in front of everybody, and between the two inner faces of the card layers reads "THANKS Linda". The magician's business card information is also hidden in that place, and finally everything can be given out as a gift.

Basic effect 2:

One spectator signs a coin and suddenly vanishes?another spectator, for example Cindy picks a card. Cindy takes the card and feels something strange within it. The magician asks Cindy to tear open the card and the signed coin is found inside. Written in the inner layers or the broken card can be read "THANKS Cindy".

Important points:

The magician can put any prediction or revelation inside any card. So it is a way to get a "double finale" to almost any card trick.
A signed coin or little object (like a key, or a bill) by the spectator appears inside the selected card when the card is peeled apart.
Can increase the power of any trick in which you use the "Off by one" principle?put this sentence inside the used cards!
Can be used as a gag at any time
Each card can be reglued and reused again and again
A must have to prepare any special card like flap cards, Color Fusion by Eric James cards, and so on!
And it is a marked deck, so it can be used to reach any miracle you get with a marked deck of cards

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