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by Mark Mason and JB Magic

Silent but Deadly.

This electronic hand built unit, allows you to create the perfect signed card, to card case.

The E CASE utilises a brand new method, that's hip cool and up to date.

Take a trip with Mark Mason, as the training DVD takes you step by step through every detail. You will love the creative method, the ease, yet quite ingenious device that you simply slide inside any regular card case. The E Case gives you all the tools required to perform this classic of magic.

A spectator selects and signs a card. Free choice. No force. The card instantly vanishes completely from the deck. The deck is spread: GONE! The performer then calls attention to the card case that has been on the table the entire time. Shaking it, a card is clearly heard inside the card case. The case is opened, and a folded up card is clearly seen resting on the open flap. The performer hands the card to the spectator, and the spectator opens it. It is the spectator's signed card!

Points to remember:

You go nowhere near the card case, before the card is revealed.

Any card case.

Any signed card.

No slits, slots or loading the case of any kind

Brand new revolutionary gimmick

Instant reset.

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