Polarity by Pablo Amira

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by Pablo Amira


Injecting a thought into someone's subconscious is a memorable feat - but let's take this card trick a bit further.


Ask your spectator where a specific card is located within the deck. Naturally, they won't know - they just shuffled it! You explain that subconsciously she already know where her card is. Have her deal the cards onto the table until she "feels" like she has reached her selection, then place that card face-down. 

You display the entire deck to reveal that the one card she was capriciously looking for was the one card that they placed face down!

- Easy to learn, easy to perform
- Instant reset
- No sleight of hand
- No sticky stuff
- Live performance & multiple handlings included
- Custom Bicycle gimmick cards included

Polarity is inspired by the Proton Deck by Gary Ouellet, which is based in Ed Marlo's Open Prediction 12th.

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