Precognition Deck

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Precognition Deck
by Chris Kentworthey

Talk about extra EXTRA sensory perception, this trick surpasses all other supernatural phenomena! Consider the chronology of events below carefully and the immaculate conditions under which they transpire! The Precognition Deck truly is as close to real mind-reading as you can get! Get ready to transform your five senses into the illusion of a sixth sense!

Pattering about the three levels of consciousness: the preconscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious, the performer tosses a deck of cards to any volunteer. Informing the spectator of a premonition he had earlier in the day, the performer asks the volunteer to literally THINK of ANY of the fifty-two possible cards in the deck. Here, he has a completely free choice; he can truly name any card and remember, the deck is given out BEFORE the effect begins!

The performer proceeds to inform the audience that he had removed one and only one card earlier as a prediction. Without adding or taking away any cards, the deck the spectator has been holding all along is removed from its case. The spectator himself counts the cards and notes that not only are there only fifty-one, but amazingly, his freely thought-of card IS MISSING! The performer then reaches into his right back pocket and removes one and only one card. You guessed it -- it is the spectator's thought-of card!

Key Points to remember:

No pocket indexes are ever employed
No sleight of hand.
The deck's ingenuity does all of the work for you!
No added or subtracted cards!
Deck is in the spectator's hands before the effect begins and before a card is ever though of!
Magician never needs to touch the cards ever to make the mentally selected card vanish!
Any of the 52 cards may be thought of (and guaranteed it will disappear from the deck before the card case is opened)!
No cards are left behind in the card case. The entire contents of the card case are removed and then fairly counted, totaling only fifty-one!
Only one deck is used throughout the routine.
Deck is never switched!
No roughing fluid, no adhesives, no short card principles utilized whatsoever!
Card faces are not misprinted or mispipped in any way!
You'll be able to perform the trick one minute after learning the secret!

This unique deck will establish its place alongside the other now-classic card effects like Svengali, Brainwave, Invisible Deck, Koran Deck, Stripper, etc. Experience the sheer awe and bewilderment as your audiences react in disbelief to your apparent supernatural prowess!

The precognition deck is a MUST for the serious performer who truly desires to spellbound his/her audience! Perform it with care as there is a danger that you may be ascribed other supernatural, superhuman powers and abilities mere mortals couldn't possibly possess!

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