MacDonald's $100 Dollar Four Ace Trick

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MacDonald's $100 Dollar Four Ace Trick
(MacDonald Aces)
by Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia's fabulous routine for "MacDonald's $100 Dollar Four Ace Trick. A veritable masterpiece in card handling that will render anyone helpless in watching it!

Since the advent of Playing cards, and their use by card handlers, Ace tricks have held the fascination and avid interest of both laymen and magicians. Literally thousands of four ace tricks and routines have been invented and no doubt many more will continue to appear. Some good, some bad. I might add that if all the ace tricks that have been published, were gathered into one volume, it would indeed he a tome of tremendous magnitude. Yet, if one were to examine all of the material would it really be usable, practical and worthwhile?

In offering my handling of this trick, because of the clever construction, which is filled with many subtleties, it will fool even the well-versed card magician. The method is direct, pretty to watch and highly commercial. The method is so clean that no one will ever suspect the use of "gaffed" cards. Practice it well and this routine will make a strong reputation and build prestige for you.

The effect is classic. The four aces are removed from the pack and set on the table. Twelve indifferent cards are also removed, three of them placed on top of each Ace. A spectator selects one of the four-card packets, and holds on to it for safekeeping.

Then the magic happens. One by one, the other three Aces visually vanish. As if bearing witness to trick photography, your spectators will swear that the Aces are melting away before their eyes!

Of course, when the spectator examines the cards in his possession, he discover that they are none other than the four Aces!

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tom P, 11/07/2019

This is one of the top card effects of all time.