Nervous Breakdown

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Nervous Breakdown
by Dominique Duvivier

A straightforward, impossible, multi-phase close-up prediction that will garner gasps!

The magician begins by displaying a small plastic wallet. He explains that on one side of the wallet are four kings and one of them is reversed. On the other side of the wallet is a prediction card.

The magician then asks a spectator to choose any of the four kings. The kings and prediction card are removed and placed on the table. No funny moves and with absolutely no sleight of hand whatsoever, the kings are spread to show that the reversed king is the spectator's card. Not only was it reversed but it was the only red-backed card! He places the king face up in the wallet. Turning over the prediction card, the magician shows that it is an ace matching the same color as the thought-of king!

The magician then states that he was so sure that he knew the card that the spectator was going to think of that he removed the other kings and replaced them with aces! The cards are then reversed and shown to be the other three aces! WOW!

- Fully automatic (no manipulation).
- Striking effect, akin to mentalism ... does not leave unscathed...

Includes Bicycle Card Props with carrying case and Instructional DVD with English and French tracks.

Running Time Approximately: 45mins

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