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by Hen Fetsch

An Incredible Demonstration of Psychic Connection!

SYMBOLOGIC may just have your audience believing psychics powers are REAL! You display two sets of ESP cards. Both sets contain the five classic ESP symbols...a circle, a cross, three wavy lines, a square, and a star. You and the spectator mix the cards completely and you correctly predict what card the spectator will place down first. This is repeated with the second card...then the third...the fourth...and finally the fifth! With the turn of each card, it seems more incredible!

A diabolical mental effect that leaves everyone scratching their head!

* Each card is predicted with 100% accuracy
* There are no moves or sleight of hand
* There are no forces or multiple outs
* The magician's card is ALWAYS tabled before the spectator's

SYMBOLOGIC is so straight forward and direct, it will astonish even the most hard to please audiences. It's truly a remarkable effect!


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