Bill Flash Reverse by Mickael Chatelain

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Your deck is on the table, still in its case. Before you begin, you remove a banknote from your wallet to be offered as compensation if the trick fails. You visibly place the banknote on the table; then you place your wallet on top of the banknote. 

NOW the trick can begin! 

"Believe me, your spectators will never be this attentive. They've got nothing to lose - quite the contrary, in fact!" 

Take the cards out of the case - it's an absolutely ordinary deck.
The spectator choses a card; for example, the King of Hearts.
You invite the spectator to fold the card into fourths. You take the card, still folded in fourths, and ask the following questions: 


1. Do you remember the banknote under the wallet?
    "Yes, it's a 10 Euros note." 


2. Do you remember your card?
    "Yes, it's the King of Hearts." 


Show the card one more time as you unfold it and show it freely front and back, then show your hands completely empty, which the spectators will acknowledge with no hesitation.
Slowly refold the card, first in two, then again in fourths.
You shake the folded card, which is transformed into a banknote, also folded in fourths! 


Unfold and freely show the banknote - it's completely genuine.
How is this possible? You have nothing else in your hands - they're completely empty!


What you get:

You'll get the REVERSE gimmick for the transformation of the card into a real banknote.
You'll also get a copy of the famous BILL FLASH CARD trick.
The trick comes with a DVD of detailed directions in French and English

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