Card Fountain

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Card Fountain
by Dave Powell

Imagine your audience telling their friends about how you made a whole deck of cards fly out of the box at your command. ?When he snapped his fingers, the cards shot right out of the box. He reached up into the air and found my card!? You?ll notice two things that separate The "Dave Powell Card Fountain" from similar devices...

The electronics aren?t bulky. In fact the whole gimmick is concealed inside the box and pivots out when you?re ready to launch the cards.

The sleek operation is a Card Fountain mechanical marvel! An item you?ll be tempted to show your audience, but this is a weapon best kept concealed, in a card box for instance There?s no better way to draw a crowd on the street than with cards hurling themselves several feet in the air!

The Dave Powell Card Fountain is the portion of your stage or parlor show that looks very magical and will indicate the caliber of your performances immediately!

Entirely self contained, the gimmick is made to fit into any poker size card case.

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