Factory Blanks by Tom Stone

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Factory Blanks

by Tom Stone and Card-Shark


Part science, part dual reality, COMPLETELY clever. It's a deck of cards with limitless possibilities. What is it? This deck of cards was carefully designed by Tom Stone to look blank for a parlor audience. But for your onstage spectator, the cards are clearly visible and distinguishable to one another. This means you can show a blank deck, have it shuffled, and display a blank card. You can ask the spectator to simply "imagine" a face on the card and think of that card. You get the idea ... MIRACLES are possible. You can take virtually any card trick and elevate it to a "thought of" card effect, or convey the idea that you can predict or make appear ANY card thought-of by a randomly chosen volunteer. 


The development of the deck uses shading, shadows, and borders (and a clear understanding of how the eye delineates what it sees) so that, truly, what looks blank from just a few steps away is COMPLETELY clear from up close. You receive a printed deck of cards and full routine ideas by Tom Stone.

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