Complete Introduction to Coin Magic DVD

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Complete Introduction to Coin Magic DVD
by Michael Ammar

You'll see easy, step-by-step instructions on how to astonish people with the coins in your pocket! By understanding what to do and when to do it, you'll be able to perform an endless amount of magic! This video is different from any other because we've got history, theory, and close-up images from the very best view for total understanding. All the fundamentals of coin magic are covered in the perfect sequence for fast, fun results. You will be delightfully baffling your friends and family with coin magic more quickly than ever before!

Contents include: Fingerpalm; Thumbpalm; Getting into Thumbpalm; Downs Palm; The Back Clip; Finger Clip; Deep Back Clip; A Sure Bet; The Phone Home Pen; Double Your Money; Completely Gone!; What's That in Your Ear!; Coin from Tie; Tricky Trousers; The Natural Lay of the Hand; Simple Take; Simple Put; Schneider Vanish; Le Tourniquet; Reverse French Drop; Classic Fake Transfer; The Slide Vanish; Friction Palm; Spider Vanish; Silver Dollar to 4 Quarters; Half Dollar to 5 Dimes; Coin Thru Table; Simple Coins Across; Misdirection; The Magic Wand; Revolve Load; Thumbpalm Load; Sonic Squeeze; Copper/Silver Transposition; Produce and Complete Vanish; Timing; Coin to Key; GONE!; 1-Minute Coin Vanish; The Thieves, Sheep and the Barn; plus many more!

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