Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy #1 DVD

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Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy #1 DVD
by Tom Mullica

The Ashes on the Palm trick was used by David Blaine on his Street Magic Special. Tom Mullica teaches a wonderful version of this in this DVD.

Tom Mullica is the King of Impromptu Magic. Working for over two decades behind the bar, Tom is truly an encyclopedia of magic. Tom can do magic with just about any object, and he not only performs but teaches you how to do them yourself! This collection is perfect for any magician that never wants to be caught unprepared!


Perpetual Balls, The Cookie Mystery, Waters Of India, Stretching A Hank, Ring, Rope, & Pin, The Bouncing Fruit, The Spirit Hand, Ashes Thru Hand, Karrel Fox's Napkin Vanish, Calendar Caper, Wrigley Feel, A Sweet Prediction, Broken & Restored Match, The Book Test, Pencil Thru Bill, Ultra Sensory Perception, One-Handed Knot, and Silk Thru Arm.

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