Rubiked (Gimmick & App)

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Email your specator a photo prediction at the beginning of your routine. Then, have her freely mix a Rubiks Cube -- she can stop any time she likes. She then looks at the prediction in her email -- the photo of the cube matches her mix! At no point do you need to see how she mixes the cube.


Are you a working pro looking to drive traffic to your website? You can have the image appear on your website for your entire audience to search and view. NO FORCE. The image will always be exactly how the spectator mixes the cube.


Don't want to email your spectator? Working without cell service? No problem. Have the photo appear in your camera roll on your phone!


Forget shells. Forget a cube switch. Forget extra gimmicks to carry.


"This is wickedly good!" 

- Shawn Farquhar 


"I love Rubiked! I want to shake Vincent's hand... No, I want to shake his hand twice, it's that good!" 

- Kev. G 


"Rubiked is my favorite purchase of the Blackpool convention. So clever, it went straight into my routine!" 

- Tom Crosbie 


"Rubiked is a great effect which combines the classic Rubik's cube and technology. It's a perfect mix resulting in a very strong magical effect. I highly recommend it" 

- Joao Miranda 


"Using technology in magic is very common nowadays. What's most valuable is that you have made it a real performing piece. Great job!" 

- Henry Harrius 



  • A Rubik's cube at the forefront of technology!
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • No need to know how to solve a Rubik's cube for this effect!

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