Head Twister

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Head Twister

An Unexplainable Mystifying Illusion that Adds Laughter on Top of Great Comedy!

* The "victim" puts their head in a small box inside an outer cabinet box.
* Both cabinets have open fronts, so the "victim" is clearly seen at all times.
* Inside the box is a tight fit, no room to move around or even wiggle their head.
* Everything is ready for the Twister now, have fun with jokes of past victims, etc.
* You grab hold of the massive handles on the top of the cabinet and twist the crank!
* LOUD Crank ! CRANK ! CRANK ! Sounds are heard!
* The "victim's" head spins completely around their body several times!
* Then spins in the opposite direction, then comes back to normal!
* The audience see's the victims face each time their head spins around!

* Perform Surrounded!
* Super Deceptive!
* NO Fake Head!
* Open Front!
* NO Mirrors!

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