Lady Bug

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Lady Bug
by Paul Vigil

For that make-or-break performance when nothing but the creation of life will do!

You bring the crowd in close, then open a small pocket knife. Your hands are otherwise empty. The blade is seen to be normal.

Placing blade on bare flesh, you pierce a fingertip and squeeze out a single drop of blood.

Again, both hands are seen to be completely empty except for the single drop of blood on your fingertip.

You carefully show both sides of a fingertip from your other hand...and slowly press it down onto the drop of blood. You silently wait there for a moment...fingertip to fingertip. You slowly lift one finger...and the drop of blood is gone! In its place, perched on the end of your finger, is a living breathing ladybug!

The creation of life...on the tip of your finger.

* Start and finish clean.
* Practical, easy, real world handling.
* Resets with another ladybug in 30 seconds.
* Neither the performer nor ladybug is harmed during the effect!
* Alternate "non-bug" presentation to transform the drop of blood into a tiny heart.
* No actual piercing of flesh is required.
* Optional handling leaves the ladybug sealed inside a clear plastic bag.
* Includes custom-engineered knife, carrying case, and instructional DVD.
* Ladybug resource guide: You can easily obtain enough ladybugs for hundreds of performances. The ladybugs are shipped in a self contained package and require no feeding or care.

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