My Pet Boris Pro Pack

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This was one of the hottest selling items at MAGIC Live 2013! 

"Magic Spider - My Pet Boris" by Australian magician - Ian Pidgeon. 

Here is the effect: 

A cool new smart phone app that merges the spectators own body with computer generated images to create a form of augmented reality that is incredibly realistic. 

The animation and shadowing make it look like the spider is actually crawling across their hand. They can even feel him move because of the phone's vibrator. 

He stops a few times on his way across the hand and the magician pokes him to encourage him to continue. 

Show how you can interact with Boris by sliding my finger under the phone to rub the spider's back. Boris really seems to be between the phone and their hand. You could never do this in real life. Too dangerous with a poisonous spider. 

Then show how waving my hand over the proximity sensors on the phone make him come back. He runs back across the screen. 

Take the phone back and ask them to try. When they wave their hand over the screen, they notice out of the corner of their eye, a realistic spider clinging to the back of their hand and they FREAK OUT! 

That's My Pet Boris! 

Who hasn't got a Smart phone these days? Have we got a perfect magic trick for you 

"Magic Spider - My Pet Boris" by Ian Pidgeon has rapidly become the fastest selling magic app around. Why? Because, not only is it a hoot, but it combines real 3D props with an animated image, has perfect spectator interaction and takes just moments to do anywhere, anytime. 

We have been selling " The Web" by Jim Pace for over 15 years - But Ian has modernised this classic trick by using a smart phone application.


This Pro Pack is your ticket to taking the magic of Ian's app into the third dimension! Get great reactions as you freak out your spectators with what's included:


  • Three (3) Spiders!
  • Three (3) Cockroaches!
  • Twenty (20) Sticky Dots!
  • Pocket Sized Polypropelene Box


***Please Note: The trick itself is a required purchase available on both Apple and Google's respective App Stores. This Pro Pack is an additional accessory for the app to take the trick to the next level for your audiences!***

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