Jagged Edge

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Jagged Edge
by Docc Hilford

Docc Hilford has taken the simplistic course of the Center Tear and given it a new direction. The Jagged Edge allows the mentalist to know EVERYTHING that is written on a list.

Ten people are asked to think of a past president. Each person must think of a different president. To facilitate this, a small pad of paper is passed among the participants. Checking to make certain that their chosen president has not been listed, each person writes the name they have in mind. If the name is already on the list, the participant selects a different name.

When all ten people have chosen a name, a new person looks over the list and circles one name. The written list is no longer needed so one of the spectators removes the sheet and folds it in quarters. The pad is tossed aside. The mentalist tears the folded paper and throws it away; after all, it was needed only to make certain that no names were duplicated.


Beyond this remarkable demonstration, the mentalist asks a member of the audience to open a large envelope they have been holding since before the list was made. Inside is a prediction. It reveals that the mentalist knew what name would be selected by the man who circled a name!

This new billet technique is applicable to endless presentations. In an instant, you will be able to know what was written on the list, who wrote what and which of the list was selected.

If you ever wanted to be able to entertain a large group of people with nothing more that a BORROWED piece of paper, now you can.

The JAGGED EDGE Has these important features:
No switching of papers.
Only one paper is used.
No carbons in the pad, or anywhere else.
No peeks, glimpses or quick looks.
Any paper will work.
Everything can be borrowed.
No stolen center.
Perfectly logical reason for writing the thoughts.
Every move is natural.
Entirely new technique.
Can be used in an endless number of tricks.
Can be learned in a few minutes.
Completely one-man.
Can be used with a spirit medium act.
Instantly gives three pieces of information: What the 10 to 12 thoughts are, who wrote what, and which thought was selected.

BONUS MATERIAL! In this manuscript, you will receive The Phantom Artist, a clever effect by Percy Naldrett that enables you to reveal a thought through an artistic ability.

Published previously, never before has this effect been given such a presentation. An original creation of Docc Hilford for use with The JAGGED EDGE, and it comes complete with DVD!

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