Roberto Giobbi Masterclass


Sunday, March 22, 2020 @ Tannen's


Note: This is in store only and not streamed online.


Roberto Giobbi returns to Tannen’s for a masterclass about the psychological construction of magic.


In this masterclass, Roberto Giobbi will focus on the psychological aspects of the structure of magic. Over the course of six hours, he will both lecture on theoretical aspects as well as teach these concepts in tricks with cards, coins, and cups and balls. Participants are encouraged to bring props as this masterclass will be hands-on. While you will walk away with excellent tricks, the main focus of the workshop will be on misdirection, in-transit actions, structure, and other concepts that you can apply to the rest of your magic. Seating is limited to 20 people and expected to fill quickly.


When: Sunday, March 22, 2020, 10am to 5pm (be there on time, please)

Where: Tannen’s, 45 West 34th Street, Suite 608, 10001 New York, USA

Limited to 20 participants, includes tuition fee, soft drinks & coffee during the day, and various PDF documents




A Personal Letter From Roberto Giobbi


Dear Magic Enthusiast!


If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about joining me on Sunday, 22nd March 2020, at Tannen’s in NYC, for a full-immersion course in artistic magic. You’re wondering if this is for you and if you should spend the money and the time. Therefore let me tell you what you can expect, without hype and embellishment.


What Is It About?

At the heart of all my work is trying to understand and live what Dai Vernon called "Artistic Magic": how to create and perform excellent magic. Although this is a simple statement, I have devoted my life to the study and practice of this idea. And in all these years I’ve come to the simple but not so obvious conclusion that it is neither more tricks nor novelties that make us better magicians, but an insight into how to do what we do in a personal and excellent way.


Theory is about knowledge and understanding, practice is about their implementation. In my seminars and books, which I consider to be conceptual as opposed to commercial (I’m not trying to sell you things you don’t need), every thought is practically demonstrated and discussed in-depth with tricks, techniques and presentations from my professional repertoire. 


A magic piece takes place on three levels:

  1. The technical construction (the mechanics of the trick)

  2. The dramatic construction (the staging of the trick, its presentation, everything the spectator sees)

  3. The psychological construction (all the principles that keep the intelligent spectator from penetrating the secret)


The vast majority of books, DVDs, lectures etc. talk about the first two levels, only very few about the third level, the psychological construction, as it is the most complex and most difficult to understand and put into practice.


In order to make the spectator experience the emotion of wonder, the spectator has to be deceived by constructing in his mind a false reality; he must neither see nor imagine the trick’s secret, but live it as an impossibility. This is the emotion of astonishment and the goal of all artistic magic.


In this Masterclass we will discuss all those principles, which help the spectator fall into wonderland. We will do this by identifying the individual concepts, define them, name them, and then study how to practically implement them in several tricks, techniques and presentations. We will explore:


  • How the spectator perceives what we say and what we do

  • How he creates his (false) reality

  • How to influence the way things are remembered and recalled

  • How the presentation relates to this process

  • Why technique, management and handling are important

  • What the types of misdirection are

  • What an "in-transit action", "conditioned naturalness", "positive & negative insertions", "actus interruptus", and a large etcetera are

  • and a lot more… 


This will result in a holistic approach, which starts out with the mechanics of a trick, and discusses how to marry sleight-of-hand to sleight-of-mouth; how to creatively interpret a piece of magic; how to use words, spaces, and gestures to better deceive; how to communicate more effectively during a performance; how to successfully manipulate the spectator’s perception, intelligence, and memory to create that memorable moment of wonderment we are all looking for; and how to do this in an entertaining way, without ever having to resort to inappropriate comedy or other cheap means.


This will be an interactive, hands-on Masterclass on the principles, concepts, strategies, techniques, effects and presentations of magic. We will often be using playing cards, based on my Card College books, but we will also look at effects using coins and cups & balls.


Is This For Me?

If you are at the beginning of your magic career, you will learn a lot and receive even more information; if you are an advanced practitioner, you will be delighted at the many details we discuss and the insights you will gain. I promise that even seasoned performers will find this more than worthwhile. Therefore, regardless of where you stand, the only ingredients you need to bring are your enthusiasm, your willingness to learn, and an open mind. I’ll do the rest.



Towards the end of the day there will be an Open Colloquy where you have a chance to ask whatever questions you have that fall into my area of expertise. This is a firm favorite with the many seminars I’ve done in the past 25 years all over the world and will evolve according to the interests of the group.


What to Bring

Bring a close-up mat (small or medium size), a few decks of cards, coins, and if you have a set of cups and balls. And any means to make notes; a notebook is recommended, but you can also audio and/or video tape certain segments.



Tannen’s will be our host and offers coffee, soft drinks and donuts during the masterclass (included). We will break at lunch for one hour: those who like can join me at a nearby deli for a light lunch (not included). 


There will be enough time before, during, and after to chat a bit, and I’ll be happy to sign your books, and take photos. 


You’ll also get a Certificate of Attendance to put in your Curriculum.


That’s it. No more (maybe yes), no less (certainly not).


See You Soon!

I would greatly enjoy meeting you at this very special event and share with you my knowledge, insight and passion for magic that I have gained in 46 years of dedicated study of this beautiful and complex art and science that has enriched my life. I’ve been making a good living for me and my family from magic since 1988 performing internationally. 


As you very well know and have experienced in life before, progression is not linear, it comes in leaps: something happens and before you now it you have attained the next level. It would make me very happy and proud if I could help you make a leap upward on this day we’ll spend together.


Until we meet - Best wishes!


- Roberto Giobbi


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