Medium by Hugo Valenzuela

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A small object is placed on your hand. With your and your spectators' concentration, the object slowly and visibly moves onto its side - and sometimes even flips over! Especially powerful when placed under a glass during this eerie demonstration! MEDIUM allows you to achieve this. Is the spirit making its presence known via the object?


You use MEDIUM with small objects, demonstrating interactions with spirits or your audience's amazing energy to reach "the beyond." 

Small objects such as: 

* Coins 
* Pieces of cards with words written on them 
* Reliquaries - the object may be covered with a glass during this impossible-looking effect! 
* Predictions on paper 

Objects can be borrowed and signed. 

MEDIUM includes gimmick and online explanatory video. 

The video will show you how to prepare the gimmick, and different methods of execution for each situation

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