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by Tim Trono

This item was selected for David Blaine's Dive of Death TV Special and was cut due to time/show constraints.

The Painless Card Blister

Mini and Regular Bic Gimmicks and DVD

IMAGINE: You show a painful looking blister on your thumb from your last attempt at this hazardous stunt. Someone selects a card and concentrates on it while gazing into the flame of your lighter. You pinch the flame and the bubbling blister magically morphs into the configuration of their card. In other words, the image of their thought appears fried into the flesh of your fingertips--seared into your sizzling skin - Branded!

This gimmick takes over where the other gimmicks left off. It's now a very practical, easy, no-nonsense method that happens in the open, with nothing to hide! No more pocket management. No more public displays of affection. No more unwanted glances.

With Branded, you'll leave the room in a blaze of glory!


* Instructional DVD.
* Precision-made Gimmick.
* Downloadable Instructions in Japanese, French, and Spanish.


* No pocket work.
* New design of realistic numbers and pips.
* Includes gimmicks for BOTH regular and mini Bic Lighters (Bic Lighter NOT included)

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