Future Mental

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Future Mental

This "mind-bender" even floors veteran magicians.

Future Mental is a real miracle. It fooled us. It will fool you. And it will absolutely fool your audience. Very easy to perform. Immediately repeatable. A perfect close-up mental effect!

A small wooden box is handed out for examination. Three brightly colored crocheted balls are also handed out for examination. The balls are placed on top of the box in three little indentations that enable them to rest easily. A spectator is asked to select a ball of his choice, toss it into the air and catch it, and replace it onto the top of the box. This is done with your back turned so that you will not be able to see which ball the spectator touches.

All the balls are now dropped into the spectator's hands and the box is opened. The spectator is asked to place the balls into the box in any order. There are three holes inside the box for this purpose. This is done in random order and they are visible even as they are placed into the box. The box is handed to the spectator to hold.

You now tell the spectator that you have a prediction inside your pocket. The spectator is asked which ball he has selected as you reach into your pocket and remove your prediction. When you open your hand you reveal the color ball that the spectator selected!

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