Mental Dice

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Invite your spectator to fully examine and roll the three dice. With your back turned, you correctly predict the number and color of each die with steadfast conviction.


Then, you hand the three dice to another spectator. But this time you LEAVE the room. They roll the die. Incredibly, you are able to foresee (with 100% success) the number rolled and corresponding color of each die once again!


Meticulously created and designed by Marc Antoine, the value and quality of all the components is unparalleled. Each piece was thoughtfully developed with a critical eye. Each die is specially made with bi-directional RF technology that can be used up to 20 + feet (6.1 + meters), or slightly less when going through walls. The handcrafted box is beautifully designed and stained to highlight the richness of the woo. The three large customized dice are easy to see and handle. The USPCC Rider Back playing card box (with mechanics) is a stealthy and trusted gimmick.


Includes a rechargeable battery, receiver and a 2-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by David P, 05/10/2018

I own many thousand dollars of tricks, and this could be one of my best investments. I’m beyond pleased.