Sneaky Handwriting Handbook #1 2-DVD Set

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Sneaky Handwriting Handbook #1 2-DVD Set
by Lincoln

All you need to know about the SWAMI is on this 2-DVD set.

DVD 1 - Performances, explanations, tips:

A sample of what you will learn:

* Make a spectator think they have ESP!
* Getting started and ditching your "NW"
* Practice tips to get you up to speed quickly.
* What to do when someone says "SHOW ME FIRST"
* How to personalize for maximum effect
* The invisible display
* What to write on
* Special Wallet and Envelope work
* How to generate more gigs with "Shh..."

DVD 2 - Learn even more from:

Andy Nyman

* Get the most out of your mentalism
* Connect with your audience
* Strengthen your persona
* And more...

Greg Arce

* How to create a higher level of realism
* Be wrong and look right
* Special "NW" routines
* And more...

Jon Stetson

* How to get the most out of pre-show work
* Improve the "real you"
* Peeking tips
* And more...

Francis Menotti

* Non-mentalism use for the SWAMI
* Develop your own personal style
* Bring out your creativity
* And more...

Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 1 hr 1min
Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 30min

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