The Mad Pad

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The Mad Pad is an innocent-looking marked pad. It allows you to distribute pieces of paper (or the entire pad) to your audience - then instantly know which pages belong to which participants. The markings are subtle and have survived grueling inspection. The marks can be seen even when the pages are folded, in any orientation, and being held by the spectator.

You only need to know one page number to know all the others. As long as you know the sequence in which the pages are distributed, then you will know who has which page.

Reading the markings requires very little practice and memory. By knowing which page belongs to which participant, you can read minds, body language, and auras.

The included effects are:


Socio-graphology - The performer identifies who drew which picture by interpreting the graphological traits found in their drawings
in sociological terms.
Psycho-graphology - The performer identifies the emotions that the participant had felt while they were writing or drawing. He does this by looking for subtle cues to the emotional states held.
Marked Lie Detection - This effect is a simple take on the psychological lie detection premise. Three people draw or write anything on a sheet of paper each. These are mixed face down and the mentalist instructs the participants to always say “No” when he asks if a drawing is theirs. He uses his powers of psychological lie detection to sort the truth from the lies and correctly identifies whose drawing is whose.
Card Q&A - Five people pick a random playing card each and these are written onto pieces of paper. They are folded up and mixed. The performer names them one-by-one, not only revealing the playing cards but also who picked them.
A Feeling of Energy - A participant writes three different symbols on three different sheets of paper. By holding onto one of them for much longer than the other two, the participant invests some energy into the piece of paper that the performer is able to identify.

Obviously, almost everything possible with marked billets or marked cards is possible using the Mad Pad. It is both a utility device and a gimmick that can make the dirty part of a larger effect appear completely clean.


You will receive one Mad Pad, plus booklets containing instructions and effects.


Note: The covers may be blue or green.

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