Mini Cube to Chocolate Project

SKU: RD-002


When you instantly change a mini-Rubik's Cube into a bunch of M&Ms, your audience's jaws will drop. This is literally eye-candy. Henry Harrius has redefi­ned cube magic with his extraordinary gimmicks and new techniques. His Mini Cube to Chocolate Project adds another dimension to anyone who loves cube magic-and for anyone who wants a practical method to do a startling, up close transformation with a mini-cube. 


You get a full collection of methods (and the necessary gimmicks) to perform this effect. Some are intended for camera (and ideal for lnstagram), while others are designed to be performed in close-up and walk-around. 


All of the methods are designed to be reliable and magical. Some are self working and the others are still easy to do! Henry's aim was to make this effect something that you will perform. 
The reason that this was a complete sellout at FISM and Magic Live is because the methods are practical and reliable. The high quality gimmicks are exactly what you would expect from the creator of Rubiks Dream and Rubiks Dream - Three Sixty Edition. 



- One CTC shell

- One CTC twist shell

- Three paper box cube holder

-  Plastic Chocolate pellets

-  6th side flap

- Video instructions


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