Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

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Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick
by Paul Fox

The ultimate presentation of a classic principle!

This is a simple and direct method for presenting BAFFLING feats of "MIND READING." Formerly used exclusively by the inventor, it never failed to astound and impress even the most intelligent people.


A deck of cards is divided among five spectators. After shuffling, each person is requested to look his cards over and merely THINK of any ONE of them. ANY spectator is then asked to collect all of the cards and shuffle the deck. After it is returned to him, the performer explains that he will run through the shuff le deck and call off the cards as they occur - in order to "underscore" the chosen cards in the minds of the selectors, when they HEAR their THOUGHT OF cards mentioned among the cards as they are read off Selectors are cautioned, however, not to say anything or indicate in any way, when they hear the names of their chosen cards. While using the SAME deck, this simple procedure enables the performer to get a mental impression of each selected card. AND - remember this - each chosen card is ALWAYS removed from the deck and held up, with its back toward the audience, BEFORE selector is requested to name his THOUGHT OF card. Then, AFTER being named, the card is turned around and shown to be the one chosen. When done with GIANT cards, this is in a class by itself -an outstanding "SIGHT" mind reading effect for LARGE audiences.


While the performer transfers the cards - one at a time, from hand to hand, a person is asked to simply THINK of any ONE of the cards he sees in the deck. Then, after the deck has been shuffled by the person selecting the card, the performer runs through the SAME deck - calling off the cards as in The Five Card Mental Selection; and, as usual, he is ALWAYS able to remove the correct card from the deck and hold it up - to be named and THEN shown. (If, while the performing informally, the "mindreader" is challenged to "Do it again!" he may repeat EITHER the Five or One Card Mental Selection - or, do one and then the other.)


Performer may call anyone on the telephone and ask him to merely THINK of ANY card. As in the other routines, the selector is warned not to speak until spoken to. The person hears the deck shuffled and then the performer proceeds to read off the cards. After requesting the selector to write down the name of his chosen card - so he can concentrate to better advantage, the performer finishes calling off the cards and finally names the one chosen - while the person, AT THE OTHER END OF THE PHONE, is gazing at what he had written!

One of the nice features is that the gimmick is EVERYTHING -AND when its use is understood, it is not necessary to refer to the instructions in order to do ANY of the routines. NOTHING, except the deck, is ever seen by the selectors or audience. The deck may be handled with perfect freedom - as nothing is concealed on the figures or in the hands. There are no duplicate cards in the deck! No false shuffling! No dials to set or twist! No memory system or mathematical formula! (The gimmick does everything but whisper the names of the chosen cards in your ear!) The small gimmick is accurately and durably made - AND - you do not need 20-20 vision to use it.

The well illustrated instructions are in detail, including patter- presentation for all the above routines. Deck is not included. Regular size gimmick - for use with either Bridge or Poker Deck.

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