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Coin through glass is a modern classic in magic. Most versions require either gaffed coins or suspicious looking extra props. Whether you set an upturned glass on top of a fancy wooden base or a box of cards, justifying the props has always been a problem.


Roller Coaster solves this problem. It’s based on the classic Copenetro effect, but it replaces the suspicious wooden base with a simple drink coaster. It’s easy to carry with you, and it looks like an innocent prop you would find in any bar or restaurant.


Because Roller Coaster fits any coin size up to a half dollar, you can use this at the end of any coin routine you already do with halves, or you can borrow change from your spectators to make everything appear impromptu. And don’t worry about setting the coaster on a wet bar or table - it’s made from Tyvek, so it’s waterproof and tearproof.


What’s included:

- A gimmicked coaster

- A Matching ungimmicked coaster

- Online instructions


"I'm always a fan of Coin Through Glass plot and this is the most reliable method yet. Organic, simple and works."
Patrick Kun 

"A needed organic update to a strong piece of magic."
Troy Von Scheibner

"I LOVE when magic becomes organic. This is definitely the best version on the market!"
Henry Harris

"This is an instant modern classic. I love it!"
Nicholas Lawrence

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