The Shift Volume 2

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This is the second volume in the Shift series by Ben Earl, and it picks up where The Shift Volume 1 left off. Inside the Shift Volume 2 you’ll receive three amazing routines, three useful and refined card techniques, and three essays that build on the essays from Volume 1.


The focus of the routines in Volume 2 is on card routines that can be performed entirely in the hands (no table required!). These routines are intermediate to advanced, and they are very practical and refined. Some of the techniques covered in the second part of Volume 2 are put to good use here, so the book is nice and complete. The three techniques covered are a refinement of the Erdnase top palm, a lovely touch on the classic riffle force, and an extremely deceptive false cut. All of the techniques taught match the routines: no table required.


The three essays build on the essays from Volume 1 and include deep insights on making your card magic more deceptive, a sequence of six practice drills designed to improve your magic technique, and another essay dealing with the nature of deception and its relationship to magic.


-Information builds on the information in Volume 1 but stands on its own (you don’t need to own Volume 1 to understand the contents of Volume 2, but they complement each other nicely)


-3 amazing routines, 3 refined techniques, and three thought provoking essays


-Skill level is intermediate to advanced, all card magic


-A stylish, beautifully crafted book that matches Volume 1

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