Trilogy: Extreme

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Trilogy: Extreme

by Brian Caswell, Peter Nardi and Alakazam


This is one of the greatest Card and Number routines ever created. When the first Trilogy was released ten years ago, magicians all over the world were blown away by its simplicity and effectiveness. The effect has truly stood the test of time, and now in 2016, it is better than ever.


Now, the original deck is in play on the table from the start.


Here's the effect:

You name a random card, and the first spectator names a number (from 1-52). You name another random card, and the second spectator names a number. Lastly, you name a number and the third spectator names a random card. Remember: You ALWAYS name something first.


You display a deck of cards, and each card has a number on its back. You remove the first two spectator's named numbers and the third spectators named card. The cards are flipped over and match the spectator's choices!


No sleight of hand. No forces. No one-ahead principle. No sticky cards.


Package comes with everything you need.

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