At the Card Table

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Darwin Ortiz
by At the Card Table

From Darwin Ortiz's Introduction: "If I had to summarize the material in this book I would have to say that it is professional magic, it is strong magic...The term 'audience-tested' is often used, and sometimes abused, in the literature of magic. The effects in this book have been audience-tested, not over a period of weeks of months, but over years of constant use before paying audiences, the only way one can really come to know an effect."


Darwin Ortiz is a modern master of card magic, and this is the book that put him on the map. Finally back in print, At The Card Table contains two sections: magic routines and gambling routines. Many of the magic routines, such as the Dream Card and Jumping Gemini, have since become modern classics of card magic, and gambling demos like The Ultimate Card Shark are widely considered the best of the genre. This book contains card magic for many skill levels, from beginner-friendly packet tricks to advanced sleight intensive demonstrations. The one thread throughout all of this material is that it is strong, audience-tested, and has stood the test of time


Foreword by Roger Klause
Pinky Count
Card Table Artifice
Jacks Open
Jacks or Better
In One Deal
Mexican Poker
Darwin's Three Card Monte
The Estimation Routine
Grand Slam
The Vegas Shuffle
Fast Shuffle
The Twofer Shuffle
Greek Poker
The Ultimate Card Shark
The Dream Card
Hitchcock Aces
Nine Card Location
Regal Aces
Slick Aces
Deja Vu Jokers
Modern Jazz Aces
The Lucky Deck
Darwin's Wild Card
Darwin's Aces
The Card Warp Deck
The Si Stebbins Secret
Do As I Did
Jumping Gemini
Back Off
Ultimate Interchange
New Tens Routine

Hardbound, 168 pages.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sean D, 05/13/2020

The dream card is probably the most powerful card to wallet effect I have ever performed. It is stunning in its impact and simplicity. This book transformed my three card monte routine. Darwins take on Mexican poker is transformative. I am still going through the book but this is a must have on your shelf.