CIB: Jerry's Nuggets Cards In Bag

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It fooled Penn & Teller!

Incredible possibilities:

Let's imagine The deck is mixed in all possible directions as well by the magician, as by the spectator... all the cards are now face down, except few of them... they allow you to perform incredible revelations:

- you can predict cards,
- or find the four Aces,
- and reveal freely chosen cards!


  • 2 Jerry's Nugget decks (Modern Feel)
  • A cloth bag
  • Instructions with many applications
  • Including Christian Engblom's method
  • Tips and bonus.


  • A revolutionary concept.
  • A secret jealously kept during more than 40 years.
  • Very easy to do.

What they think:

CIB is a Russian doll: the more we open, the more we become crazy!

  • At first, we face a high quality packaging
  • Then we find ourselves with a complete kit
  • Then we discover that the trick is devilish
  • Then we understand the universality of the kit
  • Then we notice that there is no sleight of hands at all

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