White Bikes

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White Bikes
by Paul Richards

You begin by laying a blue backed prediction card face down on the table. Then you display a red backed deck back and front. And with the help of a spectator, the magic begins...You ask the spectator to give a number of their own choosing. They now use that number to select a card. The remainder of the deck is placed off to the side and the prediction is now turned over to reveal that it matches the spectator's card! But it's not perfect match because the selection has a red back and the prediction is blue...you respond, "No problem!" and with a snap of your fingers both cards now have blue backs! The audience is certainly impressed, but you explain that the prediction you can understand, where all the other cards went is another matter... and with that you turn over the remainder of the deck to reveal all the faces are blank!" A real triple whammy!

WHITE BIKES is a very easy effect to perform and the audience response is always strong! There is no rough and smooth, no complicated moves, no switching of the deck, and it can be a different selection each time you perform!

Manufactured by in quality Bicycle card stock.

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