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Art and Artifice

Jim Steinmeyer's inquiry into the secrets of some of magics long lost illusions. 

Classic Correspondence by Mike Caveney

Each month in MAGIC magazine, Mike Caveney selects from the files of the legendary Egyptian Hall Museum a letter of historical importance. Sometimes the writer or recipient (or both) are well-known names while other times the players are totally unknown, but every letter sheds new light on a shadowy corner of magic's fascinating history.

Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig

A skillful combination of fascinating biographical detail and carefully described magical secrets.

Dai Vernon: A Biography
Dai Vernon: A Biography also details the evolution of magic in the 20th century. From the stages of London and Paris to the back rooms of magic emporiums.
Del Ray Book

Del Ray was considered the most innovative magician of the 20th century. 

Genius of Robert Harbin: Book

Robert Harbin is a name that towers over the world of magic. His original stage illusions are familiar, even to laymen, in all parts of the world.

Harbin Book Set

This two volume book set details the work, and the life of one of magic's most renowned artists, Robert Harbin.

Hiding the Elephant

How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear

Houdini Laid Bare (2 Volume Boxed Set Signed and Numbered)

The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Sloman is perhaps the most controversial book ever written about Harry Houdini.

Mike Caveney Wonders & The Conference Illusions

A treasured legacy, bound for you.

Milbourne Christopher: The Man and His Magic

This book is the story of Milborne Christopher's life, his accomplishments, and his legacy

Revelation: Book

It's not what you think.

The Wonder-filled Life of Doug Henning
The Complete Jarrett

A spectacular new edition of Jarrett's controversial 1936 text on stage illusion.

The Great Lyle

If any one man can be credited with extending the Golden Age of Magic in Britain, that man is Cecil Lyle.