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Roller Coaster

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A stunning coin through glass


OMNIBUS focuses on the most popular card effect in the history of magic... The Ambitious Card.

Tannen's Signature Playing Cards

Be one of the first to own our brand new deck of playing cards.

Gypsy Queen

Leave your spectators with a memory they will always treasure!

Roberto Giobbi Masterclass

Sunday, March 22, 2020 @ Tannen's

Opus by Garrett Thomas

Now Shipping!

Garrett Thomas not only teaches multiple coin to ring effects, he also walks through his creative process which can be applied to any magician developing their routines.

Interpreting Magic by David Regal

Ten years after Approaching Magic, his top-selling book was released, now comes Interpreting Magic by David Regal.

Optix by Tobias Dostal

Now Shipping!

The #1 talked about trick at Magic Live - that wasn't for sale

Vincent Hedan Lecture

Monday, March 23, 2020 7pm @ Tannen's

Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards

The most iconic deck of cards ever to be created. Now Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards! 

$12.00 - $40.00
Revolve by Nicholas Lawrence

Nicholas Lawrence's signature trick Evolve is back, and now it comes pre-made

Neat Review Issue One

The first issue of the Neat Review, set in London, England.

Neat Review Issue Two

Issue Two of THE NEAT REVIEW takes us to our home, New York City

Ace Fulton's Casino, Femme Fatale

The highly collectible Ace Fulton’s Casino playing cards in an all-new black and pink colorway.

Rubiked (Gimmick & App)

A completely new way to perform a Rubik's cube prediction.

The Tannen's Magic Mystery Box

Our most famous item!

Poker Protection

Only a few copies left!

Poker, America's Favorite pastime...

Mini Cube to Chocolate Project

Next batch ships soon!

A mini Rubik's cube turns into small chocolate candy your spectators can eat!

RD Insta

Next batch ships very soon!

The MOST VISUAL cube solve on the planetl 

Number 4 Envelope

A durable, hand-made four way out envelope.

Repertoire by Asi Wind

An extensive collection of Asi Wind’s repertoire that stretches over the last two decades.


Charming and miraculous, one of the most original tricks of the year.

Ultra Lucky Coin

Built to last a lifetime, this is Erik's signature close-up trick, available for the first time in very limited quantity.

Flare by Nicholas Lawrence

This remarkable gimmick allows you to shoot fireballs from a seemingly ordinary marker

Method 01

Imagine having the ability to cause any freely named card, or any two-digit number impossibly appear blistered on your fingertips. 

Eugene Burger: From Beyond

In 2010, Eugene Burger asked Larry Hass to write and oversee two books that would share all of his unpublished material - books that would appear only after his death. EUGENE BURGER: FROM BEYOND is the first of these two extraordinary books.

True by Mr. K and Secret Factory

TRUE is an advanced electronic sensing system that looks totally organic. It combines NFC sensing with long-range receiving technology to allow you to know the locations of 4 hidden objects.


Stargate allows you to go boldly where no marker has gone before.

Mint Box

A diabolical, practical semi-automatic switching device.

In Order To Amaze

A collection of memorized-deck miracles!