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3 1/2 of Clubs
The perfect gag card. The magician says that he'll find a card equivalent to one half of the card selected by the spectator.
52 on 1 Card
The magician predicts that the spectator's freely chosen card, is in his hand...
52 on 1 Card: Jumbo
The magician predicts that the spectator's freely chosen card, is in his hand...
Alakazam Magic Presents The Rising Cards

Crafted by the master of playing card engineering, Rob Bromley. 

Animal Tarot

Animals, colors and a puzzle. It's a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal.

Anniversary Waltz (Cards and Download)

Start learning right away with the FREE download!


The most straight and direct card sandwich effect using two blank face cards.

Bill Flash Reverse by Mickael Chatelain

A very visual playing card to bill change

Blade by Nicholas Lawrence

A classic stage illusion turned close-up! 

Blank Face Deck
Blank Face with the standard Bicycle design on the back.
Blank Svengali Deck

The ultimate mentalism forcing tool.


Shuffle Board meets LEGOS!

Card on Ceiling by Jamy Ian Swiss DVD

The most compact, amazing, and practical "Card on Ceiling" ever published!

Card on Ribbon


ONLY the chosen card escapes!

Card Thru Window

You can perform it in FULL DAYLIGHT!

Card Warp Finale DVD

Performed at the Magic Castle

Cello by Mickael Chatelain

Matter through matter - the Chatelain way!


Catch a selected card from the deck with no controls, sleights or moves, no thread, no magnets, no external gimmicks or hook-ups.

Childsplay DVD

Welcome to the brilliant new trick from Chris Congreave "Childsplay". This really is a workers dream that has an emotional hook that most other magic lacks. Childsplay comes with a full instructional DVD, Bicycle Cards an all photographs supplied on a PDF for you to print out. This is magic that you will feature in all your shows.

Clarity Box by David Regal

Card to canister ... with a clear difference!

Close-up Cardiographic

Martin Lewis' dream, now a reality!

Cold Case by Greg Wilson

The evolution of deck switching

Common Scents

Some of us have it, some of us don't!

Copag 310

Available in Poker, Svengali, Stripper and Gaff!

$3.99 - $7.70
Corner & Exposure

An impossible transposition & a practically self working card to card box effect.

Corner Of Piccadilly Vintage Card Set

Beautiful vintage cards for a stunning modern classic!

Crimson Deck

The most innocent, yet diabolical gaffed deck of cards! 

Cut Cards by Jon Armstrong

These are the cards I've wanted to have for a very long time. I am super excited about this!" - Jon Armstrong

Daredevil Deck

Extremely bold, extremely deceptive!

Dark Card

This one is a dynamite fooler!

Decisions by Mozique

A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectator's actions!

DeLand: Mystery and Madness

All of DeLand's miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page book, including a full deck of gimmicked cards.

Disposable Deck 2.0

Do a trick. Crush your deck. Throw it away. Disposable Deck!

Double Back Deck

Bicycle brand back design on both sides.

Double Blank Deck
Both fronts and backs blank.
Double Take by Jason Knowles

They'll swear it's a camera trick!

DST by Luke Dancy and David Regal

Luke Dancy and David Regal have joined forces once again to present some of the most eye-popping, astonishing card magic ever developed, using an extremely versatile, and DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE TECHNIQUE.

Duly Noted

Your prediction changes to their chosen card and can be different every time.

Duo by Rian Lehman

Create a miracle with two cards and two coins...

DVS by Mark Calabrese

This is the low down dirty secret that will instantly elevate your card prowess!

Error 404 by Les French Twins


A torn & restored effect like no other!

Evolve by Nicholas Lawrence

An extremely visual application for your close-up magic!

Expansion by Daniel Bryan


Fit a coin through a hole punch hole placed in a selected card - without tearing the card!

Factory Blanks by Tom Stone

Part science, part dual reality, COMPLETELY clever!

Fine Print
Don't pass up THE FINE PRINT because it's so inexpensive...
Flashback by Mickael Chatelain

Torn and restored... as simple and direct as that!

Flik by Alexis De La Fuente

The fastest moving hole trick, EVER!

Floating Card

A card floats in mid-air!

Forcing Deck: 50/50

Force a card with no skill necessary.

Foresight by SansMinds

If magic and mentalism had a baby, this would be it!

Frame by Alex Fuente

Effects where cards change can be interesting, but in Frame, a drawing (or writing) on a card is caused to change!

FRAME by Olivier Pont


Visually find any signed card within a pack in seconds.


Perform one of the cleanest color changes with NO COVER at all!

Ghost Tag Pro

It happens INSIDE the key ring!

Grade by Daniel Bryan & Matthew Underhill

A card box instantly changes color!

GT Speedreader: Marked Deck

A groundbreaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept!

Gypsy Queen

Leave your spectators with a memory they will always treasure!

H2Oil by Daniel Young

If you think Oil & Water routines are boring, think again...

HOLD UP by Sebastien Calbry

A card changes and the card magically rises!


After long days of negotiation with Mickael, we finally managed to talk him into letting go of a few of his pet creations -- effects that have made him among the best known French creators of magic in the world.


Hologram by David Stone

A sticker visually morphs onto a selected playing card! You won't believe your eyes!

Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence

The best card levitation of all time, now better than ever before.

Hustle by Juan Manuel Marcos

The ultimate card hustle... with a twist!


"What inspires BELIEF in other people? Things they can SEE."

Imagination Box

Make things appear and disappear at any time!

In the Frame

The frame you can see on the front cover is an ordinary, examinable picture frame. And the card inside - the prediction - IS the spectator's signed selection!


A flawless piece of astonishment art featuring an exquisite method that's as heart stopping as the effect. 

Insight by Hugo Shelley

Reading minds has never been this simple.


A card from phone like no other.

Instant T

An incredibly visual and unexpected transformation of a card into a tea bag!

Intercessor 2.0

The Intercessor 2.0 is the incredible updated version of a very unique gimmick that makes miracles happen!

Joined by Dario Capuozzo and Titanas Magic

The easiest, most visual and practical method for a torn and restored card effect

Jumbo Rising Card Fantasy

Dr. Schwartz's amazing Rising Card Miracle is now available in a Jumbo Cards version! This mechanical device does all the work for you and makes you look so good!

Klaus the Mouse

Not a cheesy trick!

Knock 'Em Dead 2

Anyone that owns a Peter Nardi creation will instantly know he has a knack for inventing truly commercial, straight to the point, hard hitting routines. Peter's now classic Knock'em Dead is being used by magicians all over the world. If you liked the original Knock'Em Dead, you'll love Knock'Em Dead II.

Link: The Linking Card Project

A new concept to realize the Linking Card effect with no sleights of manipulation!

Linked 2.0

Any card is chosen! - Completely free choice! - No Force!

LOOK by Limin

The best googly eye effect you'll ever SEE!

Look Sharp

Wayne’s “Look Sharp “concept is simple but extremely ingenious. Imagine being able to turn a sharpie marker (something we all use) in to a chosen playing card, even in your spectators own hands.  NOW THAT’S A REVELATION!.

Lucky Card Deluxe

Armed with a deck and the Frame, you are set to perform a complete card act.

Marble by John Kennedy

Magically cause a marble to roll to a selected card!

Marked Deck (Blue Bicycle, Juice)

 Perhaps the best marking system used by cheats today

Matrix 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain

Your spectator commands the holes on a playing card to move.

Mechanic Optricks Deck

Take your magic to another dimension!

Mercury Matchbox

The card is no longer in the deck, and that it is now in the card box.


An impossible location effect for the casual performer!

Mint Box

A diabolical, practical semi-automatic switching device.


A visual assault from Luke Dancy!


Fade into the mist...

Mixed Perception

A triumph effect with NO fancy moves!

Monkey in the Middle by Magick Balay

The BEST sandwich effect the world has ever seen!

Monty the Spiv

Show a mastery of a deck of cards in a highly entertaining routine.

Mr. Lifto

A self-working slab of uber visual magic!

No Box

Make a signed card appear anywhere, limited only by your imagination.

Was: $59.95
Now: $35.00
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Off Set by Sebastien Calbry

"It's a card trick, but GOD, it's a good one!" - David Penn


The most revolutionary version of Out of This World you will ever perform! 

One by One

 A visual and logical ending to ANY Ambitious Card routine!

Ontology Project


Your audience deserves this...

Open Warp

"This is what it should look like. Visual and clean." - Patrick Kun 

Paper Scissors Rock


You predict and win every single game!

Paperclipped Special Edition DVD

A truly mind-blowing impossibility!

Paradox Card

Sometimes an effect is so surreal, so paradoxical, that even IMAGINING it is an accomplishment.

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

The ultimate presentation of a classic principle!

Paul Harris Presents: Envy-Lope

A brilliant, ENVY-inducing, adaptation of the PH Vanishing Deck ... for a guaranteed "TOTAL WHITE-OUT POWER SURGE" to any card routine!

Pen Pal

Another piece of brilliant magic from the mind of Alexis De La Fuente (creator of Flik) brought to you by Mark Mason.

Was: $20.00
Now: $10.95
On Sale
Photo Shock by Jay Sankey

An eye-popping transforming photograph routine from Jay Sankey.

Pocket Bizarre

From the team that brought you Envylope, one of the strongest tricks of 2013, comes a card-to-impossible-location trick that is pure gold!

Was: $39.95
Now: $20.00
On Sale
Pocket by Julio Montoro & SansMinds

Pocket is an insanely visual card change that doesn't happen in your hands, but in your pocket!

Prevision by Peter Eggink

The open prediction with a kicker twist!


EVERY single effect in the book (and there are 60 effects described) is practical, fun and radically new.


The ultimate bar bet - you'll never lose!

Project Zero

Dave Forrest is back with 'Project Zero' - the amazing new double disk set featuring fifteen incredible new effects involving holes! 

Project: Swiss Army

A ground-breaking hidden-in-plain-sight utility tool!


With the Quadrant gimmick you can perform visual magic with an ordinary playing card box. Not only can you perform a super visual color changing box effect but you can make the box shrink, turn it inside out, transform to a completely different object or even make it disappear.

Quantum Angel by Paul Harris

A Bicycle Angel Hand Delivers a special Message to your spectator!


Using ONLY a red/blue double backed card (plus, incredible skill, talent and humility), Dan Harlan performs a myriad of miracles you'll proudly add to your pasteboard performances.

Rat Trap

A contemporary card sword with a comedy twist!


A selected playing card is torn into four pieces. Then with one piece at a time and the hands being shown cleanly at every phase the card repairs itself. The card is then handed out for examination.


An extremely visual card effect guaranteed to receive a huge reaction!

Reverse Printed Cards

If you are a card magician of any capacity, you need these cards.

Revolution by Greg Wilson



Very visual, the restoration takes no manipulation.

Rewind: Face Card Version

An impossible and very visual restoration.

Rise and Shine DVD

2 signed cards rise out of your pocket from within the deck.

Rising Card Miracle

In this amazing effect three freely selected cards rise from the deck, even while the spectator is holding it! This mechanical device does all the work for you and makes you look so good!

Risky Bet by Henry Evans

An amazing and visual transposition of a selected card and a five dollar bill!

Romero Box

 A Change Box inside of a card box!

Royal Command

Nick Langham's Royal Command Is an easy to perform card rise that's like no other.

Runaway Joker

Commercial, Easy to Perform, Eye-Popping

Was: $22.75
Now: $15.00
On Sale
Science Friction

Science Friction is a new kind of nano based spray that is applied to playing cards.


Sharpie Through Card

Peter Nardi has created an up to date version of Rob Bromley's classic Cigarette Through Card effect., making it an effect that every magician should own and perform!

Shimmed Card

You're a know what to do with it!

Simplex Monte

 A new take on the classic hustle from the razor sharp minds at Alakazam Magic.

Was: $28.99
Now: $15.00
On Sale
Six Card Repeat

This card trick has become a classic.

SKETCH by João Miranda

A drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming into a real card.

Skyline by Danny Weiser

A very visual torn and restored corner!

Slide by Paul Harris Presents



A drawing on a signed card comes to life!

Snowstorm Fan

The bold color and printed Chinese Dragon design catches the audience's eye.

Space Shifter

Capture the attention of your spectators with this quick, visual trick


A stunning effect with a card selection and the box!

Special Assortment Deck

Assortment of the gimmicked cards. Deck of 52 cards.

Spin Out

Spinout can be performed anywhere, for a single spectator or a large group.

Was: $20.00
Now: $12.00
On Sale

A remarkable prediction effect from Rus Andrews involving any named card and your own wallet!


An exciting new gimmick that will allow you to perform amazing card magic

STAB by Peter Eggink


A bill penetration like never before!


A brand new, ground breaking method for the Torn and Restored Card!

Stellar by Alchemy Insiders

"Such a great utility device." - Daniel Garcia

Stripper: Deck & DVD Como

The Stripper Deck and 25 Amazing Tricks With A Stripper Deck - together for one low price!

Super Shuffle System

You can't POSSIBLY have control over the cards... but somehow you do!

Svengali: Deck & DVD Combo

The Svengali deck and instructional DVD together - for one low price!

Telekinetic by Diamond Jim Tyler

A card box comes to life!

Tenyo 2016: Future Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle predicts the future!

Tenyo 2016: Magical Plunger

A magical plunger finds your card!

The (W)Hole Deck

A stick melts through a spectator's selected card, creating an actual hole on the card that they can stick their finger through. The hole then jumps from the selected card onto the rest of the pack, which can also be examined!

The 52 to 1 Deck

The cleanest thought-of card routine EVER!

The Answer by Ron Salamangkero

The ultimate Torn & Restored Card effect

The Disappearance

"Inside the envelope is a prediction of the exact card you will select."

The Full Monty

"The ending fooled me so much, my head actually hurts!" 
- Iain Moran 

Was: $25.00
Now: $15.95
On Sale
The Hawk 2.0: Refill

Refill THREAD for Hawk 2.0.

The Impossible Box

The PERFECT walk-about and close-up effect. Never throw away your old playing cards again. Use them for this amazing routine by Ray Roch.

The Inside Job vs. Aperture

Two fantastic gaff card tricks. Comes with TWO handmade Bicycle Card Gimmicks! 

The Last Prediction

A self-working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

The Mindpod

Divine a thought-of tune!

Was: $40.00
Now: $24.00
On Sale
The Money Card

The Money Card is a very special Monte routine that has a huge kicker ending where the Queen disappears and found in her place is the money!

The Powell Collection: Victorian Horizontal Card Rise

This trick is as beautiful to display as it is a joy to perform.

The Powell Collection: Victorian Single Box

Simply stated. You will never find a card box this thin.

The Trick that Cannot be Explained

Roberto Giobbi's takes on Vernon's classic plot, The Trick That Cannot Be Explained. This is a must have for every card worker!

Thinner by Mathieu Bich

Mathieu's closer at the Magic Castle for years!


This booklet is dedicated entirely to one concept: Jason Dean’s "Threesome." The effect took the magic world by storm when it was first published, and this booklet reveals the original effect as well as unpublished variations, tips, and routines from a stellar list of contributors: John Born, Todd Karr, J.K. Hartman, and more.

Tiny Bird

Allow this adorable Tiny Bird to help you find the chosen number or card!


One of the best utility card effects that you will perform!


TOOL is much more than a gimmick: 
It's a real tool that will allow you to perform more than 11 routines completely different and easy to do! 

Torn DVD

A truly miraculous piece-by-piece card restoration.

Tornado Box by Mickael Chatelain


Turn your card box into a magical dry erase board!

TRAVEL by Mickael Chatelain


The selected card visually jumps back into the box!

Travel by SansMinds

A color-changing Two Card Monte!

Was: $30.00
Now: $19.95
On Sale
Triple C by Christian Engblom


Stop manipulating the cards. Start manipulating the audience.

True Colors by Eric Chien

A FISM winning color change

Under Wraps

An incredibly easy, surprsing and impossible card transpostion!

Unload 2.0

Multiple effects! One box!


Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice.

Visualies Gaff System

This isn't just another gaff deck, it's a whole new system -- a totally new way to approach gaff cards. 

Vortex by Dan Harlan

Two cards fuse together like you've never IMAGINED. Easy to do, and visually STUNNING.


After clearly showing both sides of the case, you begin to pull an impossible collection of items out from inside the box!

Where in the World

A postcard predicts a randomly selected location!

Wormhole by Ali Nouira

A SELF WORKING signed card to pocket! 

WOW 3 Face-Up

Same great effect, easier to read, better looking than ever!

The buzz about this trick is phenomenal, perhaps the HOLY GRAIL of CAAN.
X-Change by SansMinds

One of the most visual effects...EVER


A scribble on a sticky note morphs into anything you want!


A handmade mechanical card gimmick that allows you to perform a special effects miracle with a SIGNED card.

Yu Hojin Manipulation Cards PRO 2016

Brand new, tear proof manipulation cards as used by the master himself.