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Art of Astonishment DVD: Original

Nine astonishing "pieces of strange to unleash the moment" magic.

As I Recall...2-DVD Set

Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic.

Behind the Curtain (2 DVD Set)

Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage. 

Blinking Effect

"The Real Secret is not how does it Work, but why does it work!"

Bob Does Hospitality: Act 1 DVD

Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine.

Bob Does Hospitality: Act 2 DVD

He's refined and simplified his working repertoire.

Bob Does Hospitality: Act 3 DVD

Each ACT is built on three dynamite routines.

David Regal in the UK (3 DVD Set)

Join David Regal on this whirlwind tour of the UK. Along the way, find out exactly why he is universally acknowledged among his peers as one of the most prolific, imaginative and original magic creators of modern times.

Derek Dingle in Paris, France DVD

Discover or rediscover the genius of this man!

DeSouza's Deception with DVD

Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use.

EMC 2012 DVD Set

EMC2012 was the biggest conference yet! Now you can relive EMC2012. 8 DVDs, 16 hours of magic, packed with bonus materials.

Essential Magic Classics with Danny Archer

A 2 DVD teaching on some of the greatest classic magic tricks of all time plus the cream of Danny's own repertoire. 

Essential Magic Conference 2011 DVD Set


Essential Magic Conference DVD Set

EMC2010 was a remarkable event and this is an incredible set of DVDs packed with great material!

Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy #1 DVD

The Ashes on the Palm trick was used by David Blaine on his Street Magic Special.

Exploring Magical Presentations DVD

An intimate opportunity to learn from one of magic's greatest teachers.

Gaetan Bloom's Gypsy Thread

Gaetan Bloom finally reveals the secret of his masterful Gypsy Thread routine.

Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever

This DVD is designed to be the perfect place to start learning magic.

Here I Go Again #1 DVD

One of the funniest magicians on the planet.

Here I Go Again #2 DVD

More of the most entertaining magic ever caught on DVD.

Here I Go Again #3 DVD

Here he shares it all - the presentations, the secrets, the tips and touches.

John Carney: The Master Sessions

Your invitation to magic mastery...

Johnny Thompson's Magic Made Easy DVD

If your desire is to learn magic - and we mean really learn magic - then there simply is no better resource than this DVD as Johnny Thompson demonstrates some of magic's classic effects and then teaches you how to perform them expertly.

Kranzo in Detroit

This new lecture DVD is packed with practical material which can easily be added to your repertoire.

Legacy by Finn Jon

The legacy of a master...

Making Magic Volume 1 by Martin Lewis

Six strong, audience tested, stand-up effects plucked from his own Cabaret act.

Making Magic Volume 2 by Martin Lewis

Six strong, audience tested, stand up effects plucked from his own Cabaret act.

Making Magic Volume 3 by Martin Lewis


Strong, audience-tested material from Martin's parlor act.

Mindbogglers #1 DVD

Finally, a complete explanation of the world's best swindles.

Mindbogglers #2 DVD

Don't believe it's possible? Wanna bet?

Mindbogglers #3 DVD

Ever wanted to fleece your friends or pull the wool over some unsuspecting stranger's eyes?

Mindbogglers #4 DVD

The most cunning cons and sneaky scams.

Mindfreaks #4 DVD

Highly anticipated and critically acclaimed teaching DVD series.

Mindfreaks #5 DVD

Criss personally teaches you everything you need to know.

Modern Magic by Will Houstoun (3 DVD Set)

This brand new 3 DVD set from RSVP Magic stars the amazing Will Houstoun.

My Silly Tricks by Hector Mancha

Hector Mancha's first and only commercial release!

On and Off Stage by Mark Shortland (2 DVD Set)

Mark Shortland is in demand as a comedy magician all over the world. His performances are captivating, hilarious, entertaining but also incredibly baffling!

Parlour by Craig Petty

If you have ever wanted to earn more money from close-up magic, creating a Parlour Show is a VIP experience for your customers, that they will happily pay a premium for!

Premium Blend 6-DVD Set

One of America's most prized collections of high-quality close-up.

Ridiculous by David Williamson

Hailed by many top working pros as one of the best living masters, David Williamson brings you some of his very best material in an absolutely top-notch DVD set!

Rocco LIVE! at the Crazy Horse (2 DVD Set)

Rocco recently finished an engagement at the World Famous Crazy Horse in Paris, France. His highly acclaimed act features some of his greatest techniques and some never before seen effects. For the first time, Rocco is making his act available to you!

Secrets of a Modern Wizard by Losander

In the world of magic there is only one name that is synonymous with the art of leviation - Losander. 

Sin City DVD

Luke Dancy has once again assembled a collection of his finest and most visual "not just card" magic.

Stand Up Dobson

Some of Wayne's finest stand-up material!

Talk About Tricks 3-DVD Set
One of the most eclectic, unexpected collections of magic and magicians ever captured on DVD.
Ted Lesley: Cabaret Magic #2 DVD

Germany's legendary master of magic and mentalism.

The Real Secrets of David Stone DVD

See why DAVID STONE was voted MVP at the FFFF 2003!

Twist and Turns DVD

Sit back relax and enjoy a unique magical experience. Welcome to the world of Mel Mellers, where he discusses bad music, awkward audience members, Davenports Magic Shop, fashion mistakes and 8 Brand New Routines! 

Ultimate Sphinx

A fantastic resource! Vast quantities of information from magic's Golden Age, in color, searchable, and quite an exceptional value!

Vegas Road Trip w/ Dave and Craig

In the summer of 2011 David Penn and Craig Petty set off to Las Vegas to visit one of the largest magic conventions in the world - Magic Live. This DVD captures a multitude of experiences in addition to showcasing some of their favourite unpublished effects. 

World Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy: 3-DVD Set

A Master Magician Reveals a Lifetime of Secrets for the Very First Time on Video!