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10 Exact Cuts

Increasingly impossible effects building an extremely original routine.

3D Advertising

An innovative way to introduce a deck of cards for your next routine.

51 Times More Difficult

The latest from the creatively fertile mind of Henry Evans.


Performed by David Copperfield and Criss Angel on National TV!

Alakazam Magic Presents The Rising Cards

Crafted by the master of playing card engineering, Rob Bromley. 


A spectator names a card. The deck is spread, and the named card is seen reversed in the spread. The magician raises the spread, revealing that every other card in the deck is BLANK.

Alpha Deck

The SELF-WORKING, 3-phase miracle...with a mind-blowing ending.

Altered States
An easy-to-do, offbeat card routine that never fails to impress.
Amazing Shrinking Deck

The perfect opening card trick.

An Unexpected Triumph

This is the cleanest Triumph effect ever created.


Enchant a deck of cards or a matchbox at will. A breath of life!

Any Card by Richard Sanders

A killer effect that packs a HUGE punch to the spectator's mid section!


Baz Taylors Array has taken John Bannon's now classic "Play It Straight Triumph" Plot to new heights with his beautiful custom printed gaffs & incredible sleight free handling.


A major breakthrough of a classic effect that will go straight into your repertoire!


"The best blank deck routine I've seen!" - Paul Romhany

Back Off
A blend of the "All Backs" and "Triumph" routines!

The most straight and direct card sandwich effect using two blank face cards.

Benglas Effect

A totally fooling version of the famous Berglas Effect (any card at any number), now easier than ever!

Big Four Poker

A poker game you can never lose!

Big Switch
If you've ever seen Martin perform this, you know how funny it is!
Bite Me

A trick you can sink your teeth into.

Black Envelope

Bob Kohler?s Black Envelope is a truly diabolical secret.

Blank Svengali Deck

The ultimate mentalism forcing tool.


Changes the Card Faster than a Blink of the Eye!

Brainwave Deck

A deck of cards is removed from the box and there is one card face up in the deck - it is the spectator's freely named card!

Business Card-iographic DVD

Business Card-iographic is a stunning promotional giveaway.

Butterfly Playing Cards

Perform miracles not possible with any other deck!

Card on Ceiling
Watch your spectator's eyes pop completely out of their faces, as their SIGNED and selected card appears on the ceiling way above their heads!

This is quite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented!

Cards Know

Did you know that a deck of cards knows when some of its cards are missing?


A killer commercial effect for the close up magician!


Signed card in your cell phone!

Cesaral Card Finale

A special deck of poker cards with which you can create many miracles.

Cheek to Cheek Deck

The cleanest Triumph effect EVER!


It could fool even the most famous magicians on television!

Coins Thru Deck

Thru-and-thru the coin penetrates a card, then the deck!

Collision by Tom Wright

The Ultimate Airborne Card Stab!


Magick Balay transformed a great trick into a masterpiece.

Comedy Comeback Card

An ideal Parlor or Club effect, the Comeback Card comes complete and ready to perform.

Copag 310

Available in Poker, Svengali, Stripper and Gaff!

$3.99 - $7.70
Cosmos 3

The ULTIMATE Color Separation. 


A specifically selected card vanishes from a sealed deck you've never touched and wherever you want it, all without a single move.

Crystal Gazing

The selection, "divines" it's name by gazing into a crystal ball.

Cup by Bruno Copin

Master Magician Bruno Copin shares three different presentations for the rising card with a borrowed deck.

Daredevil Deck

Extremely bold, extremely deceptive!

Dark Card

This one is a dynamite fooler!

Deep Guilt Aces
The deck is handled by spectators during the effect, and indifferent cards are seen throughout, yet the spectator cuts to the four Aces.
Deja Vu Deck

David's opener at The Magic Castle.

Devilish Deck

You have a prediction in an envelope in full view at all times. You show the spectator a completely mixed deck of cards. You ask the spectator to choose any number between 1 and 52;  it can be any number.  Whatever the spectator chooses you count down to that card.  You put that card to one side.  If you wish, you can show the card above and below to show the spectator that all the cards are different.  You take out your prediction from the envelope and show the spectator.  You then turn over their chosen card and it matches yours.   

Diminishing Returns

One of the most amazing (and best-selling) close-up tricks ever released, and now it's back and better than ever!


You will rething everything you know about TRIUMPH!

Double Take

DOUBLE TAKE is a deceptive double color changing deck routine wows even seasoned magicians. This long time feature, direct from Paul Richards' working repertoire is an original and offbeat take on a classic premise of card magic.

Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot and Magic Tao

Visual magic, instantly examinable!


Introducing the world's first electronic signed card to card case!

Electric Deck
You will look like a master card manipulator!
Equilibrium by Jesse Feinberg

 Balance the impossible!

Jesse Feinberg has made the impossible a reality!!!

Escape by Mickael Chatelain

 With a ribbon wound through the entire deck, the face card impossibly transforms into the selected card!

Ethereal Deck

By "No Way Bottle Production" creator, here comes "Ethereal"; a stunning vanishing deck, simple, direct and professional. Perfect for parlor and close-up.

EUREKA the Ultimate ACAAN

This is the Ultimate Any Card at Any Number!

Extractor V2

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different color - IN THE CORRECT POSITION and choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into?

If you answered "Yes!" then you need the E2 in your life!

Extremely Ambitious DVD

Take your favorite card trick to the next level!

Fallen DVD

The entire deck openly falls through a card.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Have you ever wanted to finish your Ambitious Card routine with a bang?

Final Fusion
"This is one of my all-time favorite routines to finish almost any series of card effects!"
Fixed Fate by Cameron Francis

Self-working Predicted Card at Predicted Number!

Flashback by Dani DaOritz

Dani DaOrtiz's amazing take on Paul Curry's classic Out of This World!


Flat Pack

"This is the ultimate 'Packs Small, Plays Big' effect!" - Eric Jones 

Force of Thought

A superb mind reading effect.

Forcing Deck

All cards the same!

Fully Automatic Card Trick

It's rare to come upon a trick that is COMPLETE.

Get Sharky

A reputation making effect for stage, parlor and closeup!

Ghost Glass: Spirit Glass
A most astounding eerie manifestation.

Bob Sheets has fooled everyone with this staggering multi-phase version of Triumph.

GT Speedreader: Marked Deck

A groundbreaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept!

H2Oil by Daniel Young

If you think Oil & Water routines are boring, think again...

Hands Off (ACAAN)

Using his original effect Auspicious Coincidence as a jumping off point (Mendacity, 2005), Redford has taken his Any Card at Any Number to a whole new level. 

Haunted Deck
Magically, the deck begins to move and the selected cards one by one mysteriously work their way out of this spooky pack.
Heavy Handed

A magical application for the Charpentier Illusion, guaranteed to short circuit your spectator’s brain.

Heinstein's Dream by Karl Hein

A clean, practical, commercial and easy to perform version of the Torn and Restored Card!


Angleo Carbone's brand new way to float a borrowed deck of cards above the table, no strings attached!


"What inspires BELIEF in other people? Things they can SEE."

I Dream of Mindreading

Your audience will never, ever see it coming.

iCAAN by James Went

"A TOTAL fooler. Have the paramedics on standby every time you perform this!!!" - John Carey 

Identity by Richard Sanders

Possibly the strongest signed card effect...EVER!

In Flight

A brilliant 'Tossed-Out Deck' with no switch.

Infallible by Mark Elsdon

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen!


A flawless piece of astonishment art featuring an exquisite method that's as heart stopping as the effect. 

Insight: Red

Insight is the third installment in the Devin Knight's Psychic Sight series. In this release a random spectator exhibits an uncanny INSIGHT by calling out the exact location of a thought of card.

Into the Future

Brian Caswell has done it again! Does this guy ever stop thinking up incredible plots and routines?

Invisible Deck
One of the best-selling magic tricks of all time.
Invisible Deck: Jumbo
One of the best-selling magic tricks of all time.
Jumbo Rising Card Fantasy

Dr. Schwartz's amazing Rising Card Miracle is now available in a Jumbo Cards version! This mechanical device does all the work for you and makes you look so good!

Just Think

Just Think - READ THIS 3 TIMES!

Kundalini Rising Cards
Dangerously close to the real thing...the best rising card routine ever!
Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon

A brilliant new take on the Stranger Card plot!

Level One

Progressively vanish ANY deck of cards!

MacDonald's $100 Dollar Four Ace Trick
A veritable masterpiece in card handling that will render anyone helpless in watching it!
Madison Gamblers (Deck Only)

Take gambling demonstrations to impossible heights.

Was: $39.95
Now: $20.00
On Sale
Marked Deck (Blue Bicycle, Juice)

 Perhaps the best marking system used by cheats today

Marksman Deck by Luke Jermay

Jam-packed with information that allows you to do effects never before possible!


Mastermind incredible, foolproof mentalism designed for the purist!

Mental Photography Deck

A deck of cards is shown blank on both sides and the magician talks about how cards are printed.

Mercury Matchbox

The card is no longer in the deck, and that it is now in the card box.

Mind Power Deck

The ultimate mind reading deck.

Mind Reading Orange

The most outrageous "Card in Orange" routine ever!

Mind's Eye Deck

Featured Max Maven's Video Mind #1 DVD

Monty the Spiv

Show a mastery of a deck of cards in a highly entertaining routine.


A thought of card, a random number and an impossible double revelation!

Naked by Pablo Amira

Heavy-Hitting new magic from the mind of Pablo Amira, brought to you by Elmwood Magic!


Any card at any number could not be any easier!

Oil Over Troubled Water

This is a show-stopping performance piece suitable for both extreme close-up and TV appearances. The visual quality of this trick and the dramatic build make it ideal for "special" performances or as a set close-up piece!

Omni Deck

Incredibly, the entire deck transforms into a crystal clear block of plastic while it sits in a spectator's hand.

On The Money Deck

One of the cleanest mind-reading card routines currently on the market!

Once Upon a Time by Wayne Dobson

From the mind of Wayne Dobson, Magic Tao brings us a enchanting new effect!

Oops Deck

A unique torn and restored card routine...and much more.

Out of this World

Out of This World is a famous card trick created by magician Paul Curry in 1942. It is often billed as "the trick that fooled Winston Churchill."

Overkill Deck

The most versatile deck you will ever use!

PaC Stack by Paul Carnazzo

An extremely deceptive DIY peek device.

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

The ultimate presentation of a classic principle!


An impossible shocker!


Quite possibly the most direct mental effect ever conceived with a deck of cards.


"The name of your card is Phil!"

Phil: Blank

Using the new and very clever 'PHIL' principle, this deck can be used as a tool to promote products or company names.

Phoenix Marked Deck

This is a dream come true for all magicians who love to use a marked deck.

Phoenix Sum Deck

It is the stacked, marked deck that needs no calculation or memorization whatsoever because the deck does all the work.

Photographic Memory (ACAAN)

The Ultimate Any Card at Any Number!

Pop Eyed Popper Deck
Magician makes a prediction which is sealed in an envelope that is kept in plain view.

Hernan Macagno, invented "Postcards", an amazing apparition of a deck of cards that will become a classic effect in a short time.

Precognition Deck

Talk about extra EXTRA sensory perception, this trick surpasses all other supernatural phenomena!


This is, quite simply, the finest color-changing deck package ever offered.


From comedy to mind control, PRISON DECK will always be ready to go. 

Project X

"Somehow you thought of the Four of Spades! The only card that wasn't there!!"

Prophecy Pack

This impossible routine has fooled some of the best minds in magic.

Psychomatic Pack

With the Psychomatic Deck you can perform ultra clean predictions, forces, tossed out deck routines or even use it as part of a bigger routine the possibilities are endless.

Pulp Fiction Deck/DVD

Reveal the TWO OF DIAMONDS and then the ACE OF HEARTS!

Pyro Perception

Walk up to a group of people with a deck of cards and utterly amaze them with you burning powers.


Quarantine has been Craig's closer in his walk around set for years.


Anyone that follows Peters work will understand his knack for creating hard-hitting magic and Mentalism. Random is a plot Peter has been working on for a while and now it can be yours!

Rasmus Haunted Deck

The spectator chooses any card. The card can be signed if you like. You place the card back directly into the deck. The insertion of the card is 100% natural, without fumbling around.

Really Haunted

The concept of the Haunted Deck had been marketed over 60 years ago by Lou Tannen. Since then numerous methods developed, utilizing magnets, wires, longer strings, reels, etc...

Reboxed by Steve Bedwell

The perfect opener for your card act, from the mind of the great Steve Bedwell!

Red Streamlined Convertible

An assembly of four odd-backed kings combining ease of handling with a smooth, unforgettable ride.

Reflected Deck by Henry Evans

Your audience will see double!

Regal Color Changing Deck

A professional-quality routine that anyone can do.

Rising Card Deck

One by one the cards rise from the pack.

Rising Card Miracle

In this amazing effect three freely selected cards rise from the deck, even while the spectator is holding it! This mechanical device does all the work for you and makes you look so good!

Royal Redo

The Royal Redo will easily become a favorite with you and your audiences!


A Card At Any Number so good, it's got to be criminal.

Screwed Deck

Screw two separate halves of a box of cards together (like a portable pool cue).

Shadow Box by Jesse Feinberg

An enlightening card effect!

Silent Running


Skynet Project

An easy-to-manage utility index system that gives the user 100% unrestricted access to every card in the deck!

Soft Shoe Monte
The most amazing game of Three Card Monte ever devised.
Sorted Affair

SORTED AFFAIR is one of the cleanest, most deceptive Oil & Water routines ever created!


Your spectator names ANY card and you instantly spell to it.

Was: $25.00
Now: $15.00
On Sale
Squash! DVD

Perform it in almost any situation and leave your spectators with a unique souvenir.

Stolen Cards

This is one of Lennart Green's favorite effects.

Strip: Deck & DVD

An in depth look at the stripper deck! Forget everything you think you know!

Stripper Deck
Perform incredible feats of card magic which will make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes.
Stripper: Deck & DVD Como

The Stripper Deck and 25 Amazing Tricks With A Stripper Deck - together for one low price!

Sub Zero

The name says it all. Sub Zero is way beyond cool!!!!

Sudden Deck 3 by David Regal

A JAW-DROPPING way to start any card trick. The gimmick does all the work. You get all the glory.

Supermentalism Deck

Tony Binarelli developed this effect more than 30 years ago and refined it to perfection. A blindfolded spectator amazingly divines three selected cards!


Super visual card magic to make people's heads spin!

Svengali Deck
The most popular trick deck of all time.
Svengali: Deck & DVD Combo

The Svengali deck and instructional DVD together - for one low price!

Th1rte3n (13)

An ingenious gimmick that allows the perfect card at any number!

The (W)Hole Deck

A stick melts through a spectator's selected card, creating an actual hole on the card that they can stick their finger through. The hole then jumps from the selected card onto the rest of the pack, which can also be examined!

The Box (DVD and Gimmick)

We bring to you a real world, working effect. Without doubt this is a killer routine that builds to an impossible climax.

The Chip

The card and The chip MATCH! 

The Exchange

Trick photography? Hardly.

The Fifth Card

This is a really commercial effect. It's easy to do, has an instant reset and a great mental presentation.

The Grid by Richard Wiseman

An amazing version of the Magic Square using a numbered deck of cards.

The Hidden

The performer offers to demonstrate how he became so dexterous as a magician by revealing an exercise called "Dead Cutting".

The Kameleon

Perform two amazing routines that your audiences will remember forever. 

The Last Prediction

A self-working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

The Mirage by Dani DaOrtiz

This is one of Dani DaOrtiz's favourite routines. It is a special deck of cards that combines elements of Hofzinser's Transformation Pack and Robert-Houdin's Protean Pack.

The Perfect World

MagoMigue's rendition of the Paul Curry's classic Out of this World takes it into new territory.

The Phantom of the Wallet

A diabolical card to wallet with a twist!

The Powell Collection: Victorian Horizontal Card Rise

This trick is as beautiful to display as it is a joy to perform.

The Social Deck by Soma

"Wow. Gaff deck meets Facebook. I love this!" - Joshua Jay

The Trick that Cannot be Explained

Roberto Giobbi's takes on Vernon's classic plot, The Trick That Cannot Be Explained. This is a must have for every card worker!

Think DVD

From the mind of Shin Lim comes an extremely clean and deceptive piece of mentalism.

Thinner by Mathieu Bich

Mathieu's closer at the Magic Castle for years!

Time and Space

Take your audience through time and space and give them a tangible piece of their journey!

Time Camera

Not your conventional camera trick, this one's on steroids and is SUPER HOT!

Tiny Plunger

The most hysterical and amazing weighing-the-cards routine you've ever seen! What do you get when three of magic's most innovative creators (Mathieu Bich, Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas) put their heads together? A Tiny Plunger!

Tossed Out Tarot


Do you believe in the Power of Tarot cards? From the inventor of Get Sharky - World‘s Best Magic Effect in 2010* – comes a new effect that has a stronger impact than any other effect done with playing cards on stage; because it uses Tarot cards! Christoph Borer, magician, mentalist and creator of strong magic effects, developed this twist of the "Tossed Out Deck."


Trick Cyclist

An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending!


Wouldn't it be great if the card box could be a secret weapon that you could use to blow people away at any time during your act?

Trilogy: Bicycles

3 Times The Effect 100 Times The Impact

Triple C by Christian Engblom


Stop manipulating the cards. Start manipulating the audience.

Triple Impact

Totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction.

Triple Vision

An ultra clean prediction of three cards.

Ultimate Ambition Improved

The perfect for the finish to any Ambitious Card routine.

Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck


Can't perform Invisible Deck with a borrowed deck? Now you can.

Under Wraps

An incredibly easy, surprsing and impossible card transpostion!

UNmemorized Deck

There is no sleight of hand, no special cards, no memorization, no work, and no stress. It is as close to real magic as you can get. You will be delighted by the brilliant principle and ease of creating miracles. Now you, too, can share in the remarkable secrets of the UNmemorized Deck.

Unshuffled Kicker

The definitive version of Paul Gertner's classic routine. 

V Deck - Blue

"When I created the V-Deck, I wanted to develop a routine that gave the spectator the feeling of actually pinpointing the moment the magic happened." -Peter Nardi

Vanishing Deck: Joker Magic
Throw a card case into the air and the deck of cards completely vanishes.
A Lie Detector in a Card Case
Vodka (Red) by Kuniharu Kubo

The simplest, easiest, and smallest deck switcher ever!

White Bikes

A real triple whammy!

X Marks The Spot

Startling, visual, in your face magic from the mind of Justin Miller!