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About Face

A killer effect combined with an ingenious handling!

ACE by Richard Sanders

A disturbingly clean 4-card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!

Animal Tarot

Animals, colors and a puzzle. It's a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal.

Another World

“A wonderful piece of theatrical magic.” –Derek DelGaudio


 Mark Elsdon's super-strong version of Max Maven's seminal plot!

Bicycle Built For Five
Five bike-riding Jokers are shown back and front...
Capitulating Queens

One of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards.

Card Marx

Easy magic with a surprise ending that is guaranteed to get a great reaction.

Card Warp
An unexplainable card penetration.
Card Warp Finale DVD

Performed at the Magic Castle

Change by SansMinds

One of the most perfect packet tricks around for your strolling, street, and walk-around performances!

Color Monte

One of the best-selling packet tricks of all time!

ConCam Monte

A powerful, professional routine based on the world's most famous scam


We think that this will fast become your favorite version of the monte!

Divide and Conquer
A large envelope containing a prediction is placed in full view...
Double Back DVD

Double Back is quite possibly the most powerful transposition effect you will ever perform.


John Bannon's classic mental card transposition - reloaded.


The Ultimate Floating Card

Extended Stay

Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Mgaic, performs and explains in detail an amazing series of magic effects using hotel room keys.

Fan2c DVD

Imagine you're holding a lousy poker hand...

Flash Out

A simple yet ingenious trick that allows you to perform either an INSTANT VISUAL CHANGE or a FACE DOWN CHANGE.

Gambler's Wildest Dream

A trick from the pocket of Reed McClintock!

Gang of Four
Harry Anderson's outstanding routine with built-in comedy, surprises and souvenirs!
Gold Dust by Paul Gordon

37 Routines. 3 DVDs. Gaff Cards Included!

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GONE by Daniel Bryan

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The perfect packet trick!

Hummer Card
The Hummer Card Doesn't Just Float-It Flies!

"What inspires BELIEF in other people? Things they can SEE."

I Hate David Copperfield

A miracle that absolutely will blow your audiences away.

iChange Project

"A complete sell-out at Magic Live 2009"

In The Middle

This simple Monte packs a serious punch!


In this effect the behaviour of a spectator is predicted not once, but three times over.

Knaves Gone Wild

Visual magic at its best!

MacDonald's $100 Dollar Four Ace Trick
A veritable masterpiece in card handling that will render anyone helpless in watching it!
Modern ESP by SansMinds

A modern rendition of the classic ESP cards!


Brings a whole new level to the classic Color Changing Deck effect!

Naked ESP by Michael Murray

Instantly locate any symbol from within the spread!

Nervous Breakdown

A straightforward, impossible, multi-phase close-up prediction that will garner gasps!


Four Jokers magically turn face down one at a time. But when they are turned face up, they have become the four Aces!

Night Out With The Girls

Pictures of five bathing beauties are shown...

Nitrate Backwards B'Wave


B'Wave taken to the next level!

Oil and Water Remixed

Oil & Water is one of magic's most enduring plots. 

One Night You Can't Stand


You are out with friends, having some drinks; maybe one or two too many. A group of beautiful girls enter the bar, one more gorgeous than the other.


Paradigm Shifter

The Perfect Magnet to drive Ben Harris' Enlightenment.

Pentacle 2000

Craig Petty presents some of his pet effects on this DVD, all of the gimmicks he uses are included as well!

Polish Poker

Deal the hand the spectator names... before he names it! 

Princess Cards
When the cards are again show to the spectator, one is missing - their mental selection!
Princess Cards: Giant
Based on the original Henry Hardin routine, the Princess Card Trick has become one of the best selling card tricks in history.
Pure Filth

Two couples trade partners, then magically reassemble, with NO MOVES.

Royal Redo

The Royal Redo will easily become a favorite with you and your audiences!


One of the best card routines you will ever do!

Share the Love

Make everyday Valentine's Day!

An extremely efficient, practical, easy and stunning approach to the classic Cards Across plot for close-up or stage conditions.
Simplex Monte

 A new take on the classic hustle from the razor sharp minds at Alakazam Magic.

Spectrum by Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson has created a colour changing back packet effect that's ideal for any close up performing situation.

Stand Up Monte

In The Hands Wildcard Effect that makes sense to real-world audiences. Garrett Thomas' Stand Up Monte includes eight or more transpositions or transformations. 

Stranger's Gallery

John Bannon`s incredible color-changing deck routine has become a modern-day classic.


An Incredible Demonstration of Psychic Connection!

Target Practice

Hit your audiences between the eyes.

Tattle Tailed by Michael Murray

 Possibly the strongest ESP effect EVER!

The Bumblebees

An Award Winning Routine! This is the comedy card routine that helped Woody Aragón win first prize at the International Day of Magic in London, 2011.

The Rainbow Connection by Mathieu Bich

Rainbow Connection is an underground effect from Mathieu Bich. He has been using it these last 12 years, and now you can own and perform this effect direct from his professional repertoire!

The Vanishing

Your audience will be amazed as photographs of locked handcuffs mysteriously open and an image of Houdini vanishes without a trace.

The Web
Possibly the scariest card trick in the world!
Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan

The most magical change of four cards you have ever seen!

Tsunami Project

A concept that allows you to do four unique effects with a superb twist in the end.

Twilight Angels: Full Deck

Twilight Angels is Paul Harris' all time favorite effect from TA. This classic PH Astonishment is finally available with a full deck of 52 different you can give away a different value card every time you do Twilight Angels!

Twisted Sisters 2.0

This diabolical effect from the creative mind of John Bannon is one of magic's all time best-sellers.

Two Card Mystery

A visually, stunning trick that fools every magician who sees it performed

Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Michael Skinner fried audiences with this routine and after he released the secret, the Ultimate Three Card Monte found itself into the working repertoires of professional close-up magicians all over the world.
Vegas Aces by Cody Fisher

Expose the secret techniques of Las Vegas gamblers!

Waynes Exchange

Wayne Dobson's Exchange (better known as the sex trick). Once in a while an effect comes along with a presentation so funny in its own right that all you have to do is perform it and you're guaranteed laughs.


What's Mine is Mine

Fools that pants off of magicians and laymen alike!

Wild Card

This effect is unbelievable!