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21 DVD

Ten inventors and performers of magic took siege of the magic bar in stockholm to record project 21, but it proved impossible to hold a strong fort against the proprietor who opened the doors and laymen flooded the premises. Could they continue their secret work, just a few feet away from the unsuspecting guests? 

Alien Concepts by Anthony Asimov

Anthony Asimov's fabulous 2 DVD set of out of this world routines to captivate any spectator!

Allan Ackerman A Material (2 DVD Set)

Nearly three hours of footage. Features Ackerman's Heads-Up Ten Card Poker Deal.Nine commercial, practical effects fully explained. Includes card and coin material. Discussions of Erdnase and card technique
Valuable tips, variations, sleights, and outs.


10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind.

Anthony Owen Lecture DVD

Anthony Owen's acclaimed magic and mentalism lecture at the 2007 MacMillian Convention.

Art of Astonishment DVD: Original

Nine astonishing "pieces of strange to unleash the moment" magic.

Art of Magic DVD

Magic history and powerful performance pieces.

As I Recall...2-DVD Set

Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic.

At The Table DVD

Bon appetit!

Baltazar Fuentes And His Magic DVD

Meet and learn from the most brilliant underground legend of magic.

Behind the Curtain (2 DVD Set)

Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage. 

Blinking Effect

"The Real Secret is not how does it Work, but why does it work!"

Bluff 3-DVD Set

A 3 DVD set including awesome routines by 7 great magicians.

Bob Does Hospitality: Act 1 DVD

Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine.

Bob Does Hospitality: Act 2 DVD

He's refined and simplified his working repertoire.