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Cheating At Poker DVD

George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating.

Expert Gambling Routines DVD

Jack Carpenter is well known for his fascination with gambling themed card magic.

Introduction to the Shell Game #1 DVD

New moves, ruses, and strategies that will change the way the SHELL GAME is played!

Mechanic by Daniel Madison

This is a lifetime of knowledge, acquired the hard way!

Scoundrels Touch 2-DVD Set

Chef Anton, Whit Haydn, and Bob Sheets outline their advanced system for the shell game!

Stack Attack

A collection of absolutely stunning card miracles from Lew Brooks that are extremely easy to do.

The Science of Shuffling and Stacking by Richard Turner

Have the cards stay or go where you want 

Vodka (Red) by Kuniharu Kubo

The simplest, easiest, and smallest deck switcher ever!