Bicycle 1900 Playing Cards

What would a deck of cards look like if it survived over a century?

Cohorts Playing Cards

Printed by Cartamundi and Produced by Ellusionist

Fallen DVD

The entire deck openly falls through a card.

Messado Rings

This highly anticipated ring and DVD set are finally available from Tannen's Magic!


Only Switch You'll Need.


You won't believe your ears!

PYRO Wallet

One of the easiest products to get a big reaction with.

Quiver Coin Holder

Empty hand to "full of coins" - with just one push!

Quiver Plus

A revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch.


Hijack anyone's cell phone

Shooting Star by G

More than just a visual. It has true meaning. 

The Advocate by Daniel Madison

Daniel's MONSTER reputation maker!


Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice.