21st Century Canasta

Bleeding-edge mentalism designed in the image of Chan Canasta.


From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357"

Against All Odds

Predicting the lottery seemed unlikely - until now!

Aleph Wallet

Aleph Wallet is the perfect tool for the working professional magician. This multi-purpose wallet will allow you to perform plenty of Stage, Parlor and Close-Up audience tested miracles. With Aleph wallet you'll always have an arsenal of powerful magic in pockets.

Alice Book Test by Josh Zandman

Take your performance to the next level with this extremely clean, easy-to-perform book test!

All About Eve

A brand new take on the portable book test!


"An ingenious and devious solution to an age-old problem." - Luke Jermay

An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips

An incredible display of psychic prowess.


Animania is another great tool for the mentalist!

Another World

“A wonderful piece of theatrical magic.” –Derek DelGaudio

Astor Epic

ASTOR EPIC actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic.

Astor Mental

The quality of this prop is truly awesome, and its method devilishly clever!

Atomic Bulb

Great Laughs!

Babel Book Test 2.0

You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet...


The rarest effect in magic: suspension...